Louisville – Center of Three Percenter and NFAC Marches

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The NFAC -“Not F***ing Around Coalition”- will be marching in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday at the same time as a group of Three Percenters. The NFAC march is meant to protest for justice in the killing of Breonna Taylor during a police raid that turned deadly. The Three Percenters say they are marching to provide security for the citizens.  Both groups will be armed.


The march was scheduled to begin at 12:oo p.m. from Baxter Park where they will march to Metro Hall.

Protests have been nearly nonstop since Breonna Taylor’s death. She was killed during a “no knock” warrant service to the wrong house in March of this year. A “no knock” warrant is a court document that provides for forced entry to a residence. No knock warrants are issued for those when it’s thought that the suspects would attempt to destroy the evidence.  But no drugs were found in the Taylor house. Correction: the Taylor address was included in the warrant because authorities thought that actual suspects, Jamarcus Glover and AdrianWalker might have received packages of drugs there.  It ended in tragedy with Breonna’s death.

Only one of the police officers in question was fired, and no cirminal charges have been brought against the rest…which has frustrated the protesters.

There is potential for disaster in the two groups, but police  stated they intend to keep the groups separated.

Thus far, since NFAC came into being, there have been no disasters and no violence. The NFAC is a well armed Black militia and seem so far to keep it under control. What will happen when Three Percenters enter the mix is unknown, but there should be some common ground since both are exercising their 2nd amendment rights. With such diverse opinions in groups like these, discussion should be the better part of valor.

WDRB reported,

Maj. Aubrey Gregory told reporters Thursday that the groups are expected to be armed, but everyone police have spoken with has expressed the desire for peaceful protests.

“We have been in contact with both groups coming to Louisville, and we expect nothing but a peaceful protest this weekend,” he said.

To help ensure that, police will limit vehicle access around the park, including prohibiting parking on the streets surrounding Jefferson Square Park.

And police will use bike rack barriers to create a buffer zone and separate the protesters.

Gregory said police will create a “no-go zone” on Fifth street “to try and keep those people with “alternative viewpoints” separated. The department will try not to intervene as long as protesters do not break the law, police have said.

There have been previous protests continually in Louisville since the Breonna Taylor death. Will either of the miltias break rank and get arrested? Unlikely. Most militias are disciplined. Black Lives Matter groups, on the other hand, are a different story.

Featured photo: Twitter photo of the NFAC


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  • Gerald Atherton

    The warrant was served to the correct address

    • Faye Higbee

      Story has been corrected. Different media had different info- I found the correct info. Thanks!

  • john L. hewitt

    accidental discharge? even so that person probably broke several laws. so was that person charged? broke the “keep your finger off the trigger rule”

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