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The mission was so secret that the military ordered participants to forget they were ever in Korea. Twenty eight Americans and a company of ROK troops were tasked to test battlefield radar at Hill 433 (Iron Ridge) when they were overrun by thousands of Chinese Communist Forces.  The Tank Show will welcome the Author of “Lost Bastards” –a book about that two week battle written from the memoirs of the 14 American survivors. The author is L.Todd Wood, a USAF veteran who was a Special Forces pilot in the 20th Special Operations Squadron.

lost bastards

In the center of the photo ahead of the observers is Hill 433, Iron Ridge Screenshot via Flickr, Dewey McLean

Battle of Kumsong Salient

Shortly after the troops were inserted into the area, Chinese troops began a major offensive in what was one of the final battles of the Korean War. The Mission of the Americans was kept secret for over 50 years. They fought under extreme hardship  for two weeks with no assistance, and only 14 of the Americans made it out alive. They were finally rescued by ROK troops. The men referred to themselves as “Lost Bastards.”

Author Todd Wood  (website) compiled the information for the book through FOIA requests, interviews, and the recollections of the children of Richard Carpenter, the main hero of the story. The son of Richard Carpenter is President of Lost Bastards Productions, and Executive Producer of the movie.

“South Korea has developed into a world leading economy not long after the Korean War. However, the war has not been completely over, yet it is becoming a ‘forgotten war’ among young generations. Our perceptions about the issues of the war, national security, and unification are changing. It is our duty and imperative to give our voice of the history of the Korean War for the sacrifices made by our fathers as to how we wish to remember them…” Producer/Co-Director Christopher HK Lee

How do we wish to remember the heroes of a forgotten war?  A secret mission finally told… Join the Tank Show Live Tuesday evening, May 30, at 9 p.m. Eastern for an interview with the author of the book “Lost Bastards.”

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