Los Angeles County Sheriff Attack by Gunman

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Monday  morning at 0915 a.m. the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office station at Temple City came under attack by a shooter. The suspect was eventually found deceased in his vehicle.

A gunman began firing at the station, starting a hail of gunfire from both sides.  According to the department’s facebook page, their personnel engaged the suspect.

According to LawOfficer.com,

“a dark blue SUV was parked in the station parking lot with a window that appeared to have been shot out.

At one point, a team of deputies approached the SUV with guns drawn to get a view inside the vehicle.

The deputies then retreated behind the cover a patrol vehicle and left the area.

Two armored SWAT vehicles then entered the parking lot about 1000 hours CST, with one of the vehicles approaching the SUV.”

The police fired a “flash-bang” into  the vehicle. When there appeared to be no movement, several deputies approached the vehicle behind shields. They learned that the shooter was deceased from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

According to ktla,

“The man, identified only as a white male who was about 47 years old, entered the station located in the 8800 block of East Las Tunas Drive about 7:25 a.m. to register as a sex offender, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Joe Mendoza said.

The deputy at the counter inside the station realized that the man had a $40,000 warrant for his arrest in connection with a felony sex crime that occurred in the city of Los Angeles, Mendoza said. When the deputy went further inside the station and returned with backup, the man ran toward his vehicle, the lieutenant said.

Deputies followed him into the parking lot and that’s when the man took out a gun and opened fire, Sheriff Jim McDonnell said. The man then ran to his vehicle, a dark blue SUV, from which he continued to shoot at the deputies, McDonnell said.”

No officers were injured in the attack.


Featured photo screenshot via KTLA

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