The Long Gray Line is Lost – Former USMA Professor Exposes Corruption, Malaise

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The infiltration of the American military by those who wish to tear down the United States is nearly complete. American Military News published an open letter from a former professor at West Point Military Academy, LTC Robert M. Heffington, that sheds light on why the USMA would tolerate avowed Communists like 2LT Spenser Rapone in their midst: they’ve lost their way.

We will show you excerpts from his letter in hopes that you, as veterans and patriots, will put pressure on our leadership to change these horrific situations. It must stop immediately.

“Our beloved Military Academy has lost its way. It is a shadow of what it once was. It used to be a place where standards and discipline mattered, and where concepts like duty, honor, and country were real and they meant something. Those ideas have been replaced by extreme permissiveness, rampant dishonesty, and an inexplicable pursuit of mediocrity.” LTC Robert Heffington, US Army (Ret.)

This is what the pursuit of political correctness, and “inclusiveness” have brought us. The United States Military is now infiltrated by mediocrity and some cadets and even instructors whose sole purpose is to overthrow the government. LTC Heffington had direct contact with Rapone during hie tenure as a professor at the Academy.

“Given my recent tenure on the West Point faculty and my direct interactions with Rapone, his “mentors,” and with the Academy’s leadership, I believe I can shed light on how someone like Rapone could possibly graduate.

First and foremost, standards at West Point are nonexistent. They exist on paper, but nowhere else. The senior administration at West Point inexplicably refuses to enforce West Point’s publicly touted high standards on cadets, and, having picked up on this, cadets refuse to enforce standards on each other. The Superintendent refuses to enforce admissions standards or the cadet Honor Code, the Dean refuses to enforce academic standards, and the Commandant refuses to enforce standards of conduct and discipline. The end result is a sort of malaise that pervades the entire institution. Nothing matters anymore. Cadets know this, and it has given rise to a level of cadet arrogance and entitlement the likes of which West Point has never seen in its history.”

The issue of making certain that those who report violations are soundly berated and discouraged from reporting anything is also a serious problem:

“To make matters worse, the senior leadership at West Point actively discourages staff and faculty from reporting honor violations. l was unfortunate enough to experience this first hand during my first tour on the faculty, when the Commandant of Cadets called my office phone and proceeded to berate me in the most vulgar and obscene language for over ten minutes because I had reported a cadet who lied to me and then asked if  ‘we could just drop it.'”

He stated the  academic standards were “nonexistent.” Cadets who failed and recommended by professors for separation were never separated. He even stated that one of his student failed four classes including his and was allowed to stay and graduate. The instructors are blamed if a cadet fails the classes. Plus, the curriculum has become bizarre:

“Even the curriculum itself has suffered. The plebe American History course has been revamped to focus completely on race and on the narrative that America is founded solely on a history of racial oppression. Cadets derisively call it the “I Hate America Course.” Simultaneously, the plebe International History course now focuses on gender to the exclusion of many other important themes. On the other hand, an entire semester of military history was recently deleted from the curriculum (at West Point!). In all courses, the bar has been lowered to the point where it is irrelevant.”

He also remarked that discipline and conduct were nonexistent:

“Conduct and disciplinary standards are in perhaps the worst shape of all. Cadets are jaded, cynical, arrogant, and entitled. They routinely talk back to and snap at their instructors (military and civilian alike), challenge authority, and openly refuse to follow regulations.” 

The letter was confirmed as real by American Military News. If even one quarter of the allegations are true, it’s time for a huge housecleaning at West Point. Our military has been infiltrated by traitors, leftists, and those who hate America.

His entire letter is here:

Former West Point professor Robert Heffington’s open letter, signed by Info on Scribd

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