London Terror Attack, 3 Suspects Dead, 12 Arrested

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British Police swept through the city, searching for the perpetrators of the London Terror Attack. Two separate locations were affected – the London Bridge, and Borough Market. Three suspects wearing fake suicide vests were killed by police, and 12 others arrested in connection with the attacks.

The death toll as of this writing stands at 7 victims killed, and 48 injured, some critical. The death toll could rise. One police officer suffered serious injuries to his head, face, and leg in responding to the attack, but is expected to survive.

The three attackers wearing fake suicide vests were killed by police.  So far 12 others have been arrested in raids stemming from the attacks. Officials say that they believe three people were involved , but would not rule out more after the raids.

President Trump took on the political correctness of London’s Muslim Mayor in his tweets:

The incident reported at Vauxhall apparently is not connected to the others, at least that’s the official position of London Police.

Vauxhall is the location of  the British Secret Service Building, and is reported to be the area where the new US Embassy is to be built. Authorities have determined that no one was actually injured and no arrests were made for that location. Police said that the person who reported it did it in “good faith.”  (Never mind that it tied up more law enforcement personnel on a “false alarm”).

In the UK, where guns are rigidly controlled, 7 people lost their lives and 48 others injured. The UK even has relatively rigid knife laws. Yet these jihadists used a van and knives to kill and terrorize the people of London. When will enough be enough?

Police were tweeting “Run, Hide, Tell” as the response to the terror attack…and one US citizen from Texas tweeted,

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