London Mayor Enacts “Knife Control” Policies in the Wake of High Murder Rate

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan has decided to enact serious “knife control” policies after the murder rate in London has skyrocketed in recent months. There were 23 murders in London for the month of March.  They already have rigid gun control (and some of the murders were people who were shot, but I digress).

According to  Emily Zanotti  at The Daily Wire,

The “tough, immediate” measures involve an incredible police crackdown, a ban on home deliveries of knives and acid, and expanding law enforcement stop-and-search powers so that police may stop anyone they believe to be a threat, or planning a knife or acid attack.

Khan announced Friday that the city has created a “violent crime taskforce of 120 officers” tasked with rooting out knife-wielding individuals in public spaces, and is pumping nearly $50 million into the Metropolitan Police department so that they can better arm themselves against knife attacks. He’s also empowering the Met Police to introduce “targeted patrols with extra stop and search powers for areas worst-affected,” according to a statement.

London is targeting youth and gang violence for their method to lower the crime rate. You can read about their project in full here. Many of the victims and perpetrators of the violence are youth.

The issue became part of a Twitter comment-a-thon.

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