London Elects Muslim Mayor After Vicious Campaign

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London Elects Muslim Mayor After Vicious Campaign

A campaign filled with  rancor as bad as the one in the U.S. saw the election of London’s first Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

It was down to the Conservative Tory party candidate, Zac Goldsmith,versus the liberal Labour Party candidate, Sadiq Khan. Mr. Khan won 1,1505,789 votes, and Mr. Goldsmith, the Eton-educated son of a billionaire financier, won 910,941 votes. There are more votes to be counted, but no one believes Goldsmith could overtake Khan.

muslim mayor

Sadiq Khan, newly elected Mayor of London

Name calling

The Express U.K. reported,

The race to City Hall has been branded one of the most divisive election battles in memory, with Mr Goldsmith and senior Tories being accused of running an ‘Islamophobic’ campaign against Muslim politician Mr Khan.

David Cameron this week accused Mr Khan of sharing “a platform with an extremist who called for Jews to drown in the ocean”.

According to the Telegraph, polling places often erupted in chaos, so the Tory party could file a challenge to the election results.

Conservative Brits  were accused of smearing Mr. Khan. It apparently didn’t work, as he is now unofficially the winner of the Mayoral race.


Zac Goldsmith – lost his bid for mayor of London

What does this mean for the largest city in Britain?

Muslims only make up about 12% of the population of London. But this is an illustration of their infiltration into politics and civic issues.  Zac Goldsmith conducted his campaign as bluntly as he could- and penned an angry column to make his point about the opposition’s platform.

Goldsmith was accused of being “Islamophobic,” “racist” and just about everything possible. And in the end, political correctness won out, in spite of those who said that Goldsmith was a nice guy.

Could this be a harbinger of trouble for America?  What do you think?

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