London Bridge Terror – Two Dead, Suspect Disarmed, Shot

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Police were called to a report of a stabbing on the London Bridge at about 2 p.m. on Friday. The suspect, armed with a knife, appeared to be wearing a suicide vest that was later determined to be fake. London Metro Police declared it a “major incident” –  another London Bridge terror attack. (Evening Standard UK)

 London Bridge Terror

There were two dead, at least 5 injured in the attack, some critically. But members of the public, ordinary unarmed folks, ran toward the suspect, “grappled” with the him and took him to the ground. One member of the public was sitting atop the suspect in spite of the appearance of a suicide vest. When police arrived, they also struggled with the suspect and ended up shooting him at point blank range after pulling one of the members of the public out of the way.

Many leftists found fault in that, saying that they should have used “rubber bullets” and not shot him point blank in the head. But those “armchair critics” weren’t there.

The situation took place two days before the British election, and all major parties cancelled a debate set for today. The London Bridge attack in 2017 also took place before an election.

A man who reportedly assisted in the takedown was seen running from the incident with the suspect’s knife, and throwing something out of his pocket.

The vast majority of the responses to the incident were positive, with people thanking those who took down the jihadist.

Featured photo: screenshot of London Bridge terror incident via Michael Savage


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