Local News Station Shows Walls Work, CNN Dumps Their Story

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Station KUSI out of San Diego was contacted by CNN for a local story on the wall at the Southern Border. When the information came back that the Border Patrol agents all said it was a huge help, CNN decided not to use the story and told them it was a “non story.”

“We called several local stations to book someone for a show. We didn’t end up booking any of them. That happens many times every single day. We did, however, book a reporter from KUSI for a story on immigration and the border wall in November. This is a non story.”

Arrogant little buggers, aren’t they?

Breitbart reported,

“Oliver Darcy, who usually leads CNN campaigns to blacklist the network’s critics from social media, also ripped into KUSI with a tweet attacking Mike McKinnon, the president and general manager of KUSI, for daring to criticize CNN.”

And people noticed that too. As the backlash against CNN began in earnest.

CNN pretends to be a news media, but is actually a propaganda factory. All of the above activity probably wasn’t helped by their golden boy Jim Acosta, who proved the President’s point about walls in a tweet from McAllen, Texas.

Note that Acosta was so brilliant as to choose a section of the border that actually HAS a barrier and is quiet to complain about the President wanting a barrier. SMH

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