All Lives Matter – Why we should keep saying it

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It  appears most of the left wingers out there hate the expression “all lives matter” which is why I’m going to use it today.

BlackLivesMatter hates the expression because they feel it treats black lives as irrelevant. White liberals are so guilt-ridden that they see the expression as some sort of code for racist thoughts.

The Liberal view

John Halstead in the Huffington Post wrote,

“All Lives Matter” is a problem because it refocuses the issue away from systemic racism and Black lives. It distracts and diminishes the message that Black lives matter or that they should matter more than they do. “All Lives Matter” is really a code for “White Lives Matter,” because when white people think about “all lives,” we automatically think about ‘all white lives.'”

Personal view

Here’s my take on it: I don’t automatically think white thoughts with regard to life. I have Native American, Black, Latino, and Asian friends. I care about all of them. They matter to me and losing any one of them puts grief into my heart.

But I do get angry at the killing of police officers, something totally advocated by BlackLivesMatter.

I have friends who were killed in the line of duty. Therefore I will continue to say “Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter.” Because they do.

Yes, his life does matter.

Yes, Mr. Halstead it is a RESPONSE to BlackLivesMatter. Because they have pushed the hate envelope too far  – they openly advocate killing others without any regard for the people whose lives they destroy.

They refuse to understand that their own community has an incredibly high crime rate which fuels the problem. If they would address Black on Black crime, theft, violence, in their own community instead of blaming “white privilege” for it, THEN they’d get somewhere.

Of course if/when a police officer shoots someone without cause it is a tragic event that should not go unnoticed, and the officer should be punished.

But BLM has pushed law enforcement into an untenable position of tension and anxiety. And rioting, looting, destruction of cop cars and businesses in the Black districts- that is too far and only furthers the problem.

BlackLivesMatter is a hate group, nothing more. Had they used a different tactic, a different method to create change, there wouldn’t be any problem.

There are probably a tiny few folks inside that group who are genuine, non-violent people, their association with those who are has ruined their cause.

Ferguson, Baltimore, Dallas, Milwaukee, Columbia University last year…all of those things destroyed their credibility. Change never comes easy to any society, but that was too far off the beam for most of us.

Racism will never be eradicated by hate, anger or violence, in fact it will be further empowered. The BLM movement has divided, not unified the American people. Instead of learning from our history, they have tried to erase it.

So…here we are. Uncle Sam’s has envisioned a new t-shirt.

“All Lives Matter…except cop-killers, terrorists, pedophiles, rapists, and anyone who hates America.”

all lives matter



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