Live anthrax ‘accidentally’ shipped across the country

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They were supposed to be “dead spores,” called “AG-1.”  But when a lab at the Utah Proving Ground shipped samples to the Defense Department and commercial labs in 9 states, they may have inadvertently shipped live samples to all of those facilities… and they used a commercial delivery service to do it.

live anthrax

Live anthrax spores were ‘inadvertently’ shipped to labs across the country.

The deadly snaffu was revealed on May 22. The anthrax was prepared at the Utah Proving Ground in a “routine research process.” Then the samples were to be shipped to the Department of Defense and laboratories in 9 states. Problem was, someone failed to  properly kill the spores – they were supposed to only be shipped if they were inactive (dead).

“Although an inactivated agent was expected, the lab reported they were able to grow live Bacillus anthracis.” CDC Spokeswoman Kathy Harben

Officials stated they don’t know if anyone has been exposed to the active spores.

The lab in Maryland is the one who notified the Centers for Disease Control that they received live samples.  The CDC then informed the Department of Defense.

An Army research center was tasked with notifying the other labs who received the samples. The eight companies across nine states immediately locked down the samples, according to Fox News. The CDC is currently in the process of picking up the specimens.

The states that received the spores were: Texas, Maryland, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Delaware, New York, Tennessee, and California.

Fox News wrote:

“Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren assured “there are no risks to the public” and said an investigation is under way.”

All shipments of research materials from the Utah facility have been halted pending the investigation. We sincerely hope that no one was exposed, and that the Pentagon and CDC’s claims of ‘no risks to the public’ is correct.



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