Lincoln Memorial Vandalized

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Early Tuesday morning at around 4:30 a.m., someone spray painted red words on the Lincoln Memorial. While vandalism to our National Treasures happens, it is not common.  Silver paint was also found on a sign pointing the way to the Smithsonian at 1400 Constitution Avenue. Desecration of any of the Memorials in DC is a Federal felony offense.

People are not happy about the incident. The National Park Service is using a gel like substance to clean the monument without damaging the paint. It’s a painstaking process that will likely take about a week, according to NBC news.

With this vandalism, the tearing down of the statue in Durham, NC, and the many other incidents of vandalism in today’s news (we’ll get to those later),it almost seems as if Charlottesville created an excuse to commit crimes.

One person hit the nail on the head with his tweet: The left is acting like ISIS.

Several people said that the graffiti was “F*** Islam.” Except that the last letter looks more like a W, which is why the park service labelled it as “law.” Of course, the perpetrators could be ignorant and don’t know how to spell Islam.

Obviously these tweeter twits are unaware that the Democrats started the KKK.

There were jerks tweeting, but there were some smart people too like this one:

The fact is that it is unknown whether this graffiti had any relation to recent events. However, with the volume of violence, vandalism and statue removals lately, it is very possible.

America, get a clue.

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