Liberals’ Rude Awakening Over Guns

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You can’t just buy a gun a and walk out of the store with it.    Liberals have used that narrative to push for stringent gun control for decades. Remember, Obama once falsely told the media in 2016, “We flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book.”  It’s Liberals’ rude awakening over guns. (Bearing Arms)

Liberals’ rude awakening

Marion Hammer at NRA-ILA wrote on April 10:

“An employee of a Florida Gun Shop called me last week to let us know that a very liberal customer was quite angry that he could not pick out a gun, pay for it and walk out of the store with it.  This is the story he shared in pretty much his own words: 

After filling out the 4473 Form, and showing his drivers license, the customer was annoyed that he had to go through a background check.  He angrily questioned, “Don’t you know who I am?”  (He is a City Commissioner) When I told him it didn’t matter, he said it was a waste of resources to do background checks on law-abiding people and said the law obviously “needed exceptions.” 

He got more angry that the background check took almost 20 minutes, and said, “there is no excuse for it to take this long.”  Once he cleared the background check and paid for the handgun, he about blew a gasket when he found out that he had to wait 3 days and come back before being allowed to take possession of the handgun and walk out with it.  

He DEMANDED to know “Why can’t I take it now? I need it now.” He was not happy to hear that it was the LAW.  He then explained, “I hate guns and I have supported gun control in the past but this is damned ridiculous. When you need a gun you should be able to get it.” 

He then stormed out of the gun shop.”

Uh,oh, trouble in liberal paradise. Gun control is a fact and apparently this guy had no clue. They vote for legislation based upon emotional pleas by anti-gun groups like “Moms Demand Action” or “Everytown for Gun Safety” without ever thinking about what they’re actually voting for.

Kira Davis at RedState wrote:

“I was chatting with a friend of mine recently and the topic of gun sales came up. My friend’s father owns a gun range near me and she said he’s seen a huge amount of liberals coming in to purchase weapons in recent weeks.

How does he know they’re liberals?

“They’re shocked to discover they can’t just walk out of the store with a gun.”

We’ve all heard about gun sales skyrocketing recently, but I hadn’t considered some of the tangential effects of the phenomenon until I spoke to my friend. Not only are many liberals suddenly learning to love their Second Amendment rights, many of them are finding out that the gun control narrative in this country — as repeated loudly and often by Hollywood and the mainstream media — is a complete lie.”

The truth is hard to bear, apparently. But it’s good that these liberals are angry that they can’t just walk in and buy a gun. For them it must be a rude awakening. A gun store isn’t a grocery store and some states have even more rigid rules than others. Maybe some of them will change their minds and start relaxing some of these ridiculous clamps on the 2nd amendment. It’s not likely, but we can dream, can’t we?


Featured photo via The Maine Gun Shop LLC


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