Liberals and Fake News Media Attack but Florida Conservatives Go for Data and Facts

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While the radical left takes their anti-gun crusade across the country, Florida conservatives like Adam Putnam, and countless other conservatives are standing firm on their strong support for our inalienable Second Amendment rights.

For example, as Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner, Putnam is responsible for approving concealed carry gun permit applications. Since 2015, Putnam expedited 100,000 concealed carry permits for Florida’s veterans and active duty servicemen and women.

Thanks to Putnam’s common sense leadership on the Second Amendment, Florida has a record number of law-abiding concealed carry gun owners. But since last week’s tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, he has repeatedly been attacked by leftists using this tragedy to make a political point.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has even spread fake news about the tragedy. In one tweet, he linked an article featuring a paid actor to make his case for stringent gun control and an assault weapons ban.

While the left continues to ‘resist’ and politicize the latest school shooting, Florida conservatives, like Attorney General Jay Fant, are fighting back to stop the liberal anti-gun agenda.

Fant and Putnam are joining other law-abiding citizens in setting the record straight with data and facts. The fake news liberal media doesn’t want you to know that violent crime is at a historic low.

Even property crime is at a historic low, but you wouldn’t know this if you watch sensationalized media programming or listen to liberal politicians, who stoke our fears about guns to push for unconstitutional gun control measures that have proven not to work.

While Florida liberals try to restrict the Sunshine State’s right to bear arms, Putnam, Fant, and other conservatives are staying true to the Constitution.

Last December, the House voted in favor of common sense concealed carry reciprocity legislation, a move which Putnam wholeheartedly supports because it ensures all law-abiding Florida gun owners are treated fairly when they leave the state.

Now Florida conservatives have their biggest challenge ahead of them: setting the record straight with hard data and defending against radical liberal attacks. It may not be easy, but Fant and Putnam appear more than prepared to use their strong Second Amendment records to defend our right to bear arms and constitutional liberties.

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