Liberal Nervous Meltdown – Rigged Polls

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Among the dump of Wikileaks latest Podesta emails is evidence that the Democrats have been utilizing a progressive organization to obtain their polling numbers. The problem? They “oversample.”

Oversampling is a technique used to filter out unwanted data. It actually means using a bias to select more samples from one class than from another. A bias is a partial set of information that only allows for one point of view.  See the problem?

The Democrats have been utilizing the “Atlas Project” to pull together oversamples (er, that means lots of Democrats), and use data from the past (called being an “institutional memory”) that is not necessarily correct. Then they feed that information to Media pollsters. In other words, they’re cheating.

According to Amy Moreno at Truthfeed,

At first, the pollsters were wildly oversampling Democrats – however, they got called out in that mercilessly, so now they’ve switched to oversampling women and “degreed people” who tend to favor Hillary.

They do this to get the polling result they need to promote their narrative that Hillary is CRUSHING Trump and it’s HOPELESS for Trump.

According to the Wikileaks email, the Clinton campaign gathers all their “oversampling” data and then feeds it to their MEDIA POLLSTERS.


In the real world, the media should actually conduct a poll and sample various people – once- to get the information for their poll. But the Atlas Project’s purpose is to get Progressives elected, not to provide truthful data.

From their website: “Founded in 2004 by Mary Beth Cahill, Steve Rosenthal and Michael Whouley, the Atlas Project’s mission is to arm campaigns and progressive organizations with the insight, analysis and tools to help avoid costly missteps and make better strategic decisions, in addition to serving as the institutional memory for progressives.”

The email released by Wikileaks was from 2008. Which simply tells us that this mess has been occurring for a long time. The polls were DELIBERATELY canted towards Democrats and the information sent prefab to the media pollsters.

Now maybe you understand why the polls keep showing Hillary ahead, when she only manages to get a few hundred people to show up at rallies. Trump averages 7,000 people – AVERAGES. This morning I drove through Eastern Washington- there wasn’t ONE Hillary sign for 4 solid hours. There were hundreds of Trump-Pence signs. Think about it.

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