Liberal Media’s Fake News Hit on Florida Gov. Candidate Adam Putnam

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The Tampa Bay Times, and it appears other news media as well, ran a hit piece on Florida gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam by saying that: “For more than a year, the state of Florida failed to conduct national background checks on tens of thousands of applications for concealed weapons permits, potentially allowing drug addicts or people with a mental illness to carry firearms in public.” That statement is not only deceptive, it is wrong. It’s fake news.

The liberals are all piling on him with cleats in an attempt to destroy his Gubernatorial race, calling for him to resign.

There are three databases that must be accessed: two data bases, one Florida, one national, are fingerprint based; the other one is name based (NICS). All 350,000 CWL applicants had their names and fingerprints run through all three databases. 365 were flagged for further action, because they had non criminal disqualifying flags. Of the 365, 291 had their CWL licenses revoked during an audit. At no time were those people not subjected to background checks.

Three criminal justice databases are maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  Mr. Putnam’s office received the 365 possible disqualifying names. It was the job of one employee to enter those into a Florida database for review of their request for licenses. Why didn’t she? Laziness, presumably.

The employee’s job was to enter the names that needed further review. When she ran into a problem with her password into the system, she failed to contact the IT department to get it fixed. She just left it.

“This is an issue when, as soon as we learned about it, we acted upon it. You’re talking about a very important process that involves concealed weapons licenses. I take that very seriously. I expect my people to take that very seriously. I believe that leaders hold people accountable. Leaders are open and transparent.” Adam Putnam

Adam Putnam is the one that initiated the Inspector General report touted by the Tampa Bay Times paper, the report being the reason why an employee was terminated.

But Tampa Bay reported this:

“The problem went unresolved until discovered by another worker in March 2017 — meaning that for more than a year applications got approved without the required background check.”

The news media accused Mr. Putnam of waiting until the news story was published in  Tampa Bay to take action. Again,  fake news, since he initiated the Inspector General’s report himself.

“I called for this investigation. This was a very serious issue. We took immediate action and implemented the Inspector General investigation. I didn’t wait on a news story to take action.” Adam Putnam

All 350,000 applicants were run through the background check system of three data bases. Only those with disqualifying flags were sent to Mr. Putnam’s office…365 of them, not 350,000. And the disqualifying flags were noncriminal in nature.

In Florida even a person with a CWL permit is STILL subject to background checks at the point of sale for purchasing a firearm. Please note that FFL (Federal Fireams License) holders run purchaser’s names through the NICS system, which is the national background check system… a LAW ENFORCEMENT data base required by law. In Florida, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is the “contact point” for that system. Only law enforcement personnel use the criminal data bases.

The employee in question was supposed to enter the information on the 365 people in a Florida data base for follow up on flagged concealed carry licenses. After the incident was uncovered, they revoked 291 of those concealed licenses after the review.

Mr. Putnam did the exact right thing.  The employee who failed to do her job was terminated, and measures put in place to prevent a reoccurence. You can read the IG report at this link, minus the fake news.

Another question is, who gave the Tampa Bay Times that report? It’s listed as confidential (not public record) and must be redacted before release…it was not redacted. Another issue is why now? The report was written up on June 5, 2017. With the election coming soon…things that make you go hmmmm.

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