Liberal Journalist Advocates Trump Assassination

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As the liberal hate spins out of control across the nation, we have public personalities world wide openly advocating the assassination of Donald Trump over his temporary immigration ban from terror nations. One writer for the UK Sunday Times, India Knight,  tweeted:

She deleted it, of course, retreating to her safe space and apologizing after Paul Joseph Watson nailed her with this gem:

“No you can’t call for heads of state to be assassinated and then flee to your ‘just a joke’ safe space when you get called out.”

To which she replied:

“Right. I have deleted the offending tweet, which was a joke in very bad taste, and which I unreservedly apologise for.” 

The thing is, it wasn’t a joke. She spent an entire week calling President Trump an “arse, a moron, mad, needy,” and then telling him to “shut up.” Not funny.

There were some on Twitter who thought she had gone too far:

German newspaper editor, Josef Joffe, advocated “murder in the White House” as a way to “end the Trump catastrophe.”

The Secret Service has been notified of both these situations. Though because these two are in other countries, it’s anyone’s guess whether there will be any action on their threats.

Celebrities scream anti-Trump things like Madonna’s “Thought about blowing up the White House” and other lovely, kind, tolerant things.

Suffice it to say, the hate-mongering of the left is completely out of control. And though they attempt to apologize after being called on it, that attitude still exists and it is real. Trump and Pence are in very real danger, as are ordinary Americans who voted for Trump. So just remember to pay attention: liberals really ARE out to get you.



This is the truth about the immigration situation. Not a “Muslim Ban” – and it’s TEMPORARY.  When Obama did it for six months, nobody said a word. 

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