Letter from Afghan Army Pilot to Maj Brent Taylor’s Wife After His Death

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The Salt Lake City Tribune reported that Afghan army Major Abdul Rahman Rahmani sent a heartfelt letter to the wife of fallen Major Brent Taylor. Major Taylor died in an insider attack in Kabul, Afghanistan on Saturday as we previously reported. Another US soldier was wounded in that same attack. Major Taylor’s body came home on Tuesday.

Between 2008 and 2017, there were 96 Insider attacks. This year there have been 5,  according to the Long War Journal.

“Major Taylor was my friend.”

Major Brent Taylor made a strong impression on the life of Major Rahmani. In the letter he tells Mrs Taylor that her husband helped him to understand how important family should be.

“Your husband taught me to love my wife Hamida as an equal and treat my children as treasured gifts, to be a better husband and to be a better man…”

He told her that he had lost 8 members of his own family in the war, and had been shot twice himself. But it was Brent that encouraged him to “fight the good fight.”

“I will continue to ‘fight the good fight’ in the words of your respectful husband. I am fighting for a great cause, as Brent said,’You fight not only for the safety of Afghans, but for the safety of my family back in Utah. It is your fight that keeps us out of fear and out of the reach of global terrorism. We [Americans] do not want to have another 9/11 to happen in the United States.’

…Please tell your children that their father was a loving, caring, and compassionate man whose life was not just meaningful, it was inspirational…I am writing this letter about a man whom I considered to be a close friend, and whom I dearly loved. A leader; who was first to volunteer for any tough assignment. Never stop telling them what a great man their father was, he was a true patriot…”

Major Brent Taylor left behind a legacy that inspired others. He didn’t die in a major battle, nor was he going to get the Medal of Honor. But honor he does deserve, for changing the lives of those around him in a positive way. In the great scheme of things that is an important contribution to this earth…maybe the most important contribution of all.


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