Lesson from a British Army Captain: Never Lock Your Naked, Drunk Superior Officer in a Bathroom

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Carver Barracks, Essex, UK – A highly inebriated, buck (or butt as the case may be) naked British Army Captain from 33 Engineer Regiment (bomb squad) was locked in the bathroom by his troops. Hell hath no fury like a superior officer locked in a bathroom, even if he’s blasted (no pun intended). He destroyed the toilet and the sheetrock in order to escape from his stinky jail.

When the Captain became exceedingly inebriated and fell asleep in their room, his men stripped off his clothes and locked him in the barracks bathroom. For six hours. When he woke up, let’s just say that The Daily Mail referred to his daring escape as the “Battle of Portaloo.” Epic.

The officer demanded his men let him out, but they refused, saying they wanted a “pay raise.” So he tore out the ceramic toilet and a steel handrail, and used them to make his escape. None of the news articles specified how mad he was at his men, but we bet it was a corker.

Of course, now he faces thousands of dollars/pounds worth of repairs for the damage. The British MPs investigated the incident. And he’s in trouble rather than the troops, because it’s against regulations to get so drunk that an officer is out of control. Ya think? Hopefully, he’ll find the humor in it some day.

The Daily Mail reported,

“As long as the officer pays for the damage to the toilet, The Mail on Sunday understands he is not expected to face any serious disciplinary action. He is also expected to remain in his post.

As a rule, officers are not supposed to get so drunk with their troops that they cannot control themselves. Top brass believe such behaviour can inspire contempt for commanders among lower ranks.”

The Military Times noted,

“He went on the rampage, demolishing the toilet and repeatedly smashing the rail against one of the walls,” the source said. “He made a big enough dent that he could then hack away at the plaster and climb out. The blokes found it hilarious. He’s in trouble rather than them because he should never have got drunk in their rooms. Now he’s going to have to pay a hefty fine or pay for the damage.”

He is expected to remain at his post, but we bet he won’t be trusting his men not to mess with him again.

The Captain participated in a formal ceremony at the Army Bomb disposal unit in Essex, UK for the reforming of 49 Field Squadron. The Squadron is part of Explosive Ordnance Disposal Engineer Regiment 33.  The 49 Field Squadron cleared hundreds of IEDs and other explosives planted by the Taliban and Russia during the 1980s Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.


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