LeMoore Naval Air Station Crash – How’d They Get Past the Security?

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LeMoore Naval Air Station Crash – How’d They Get Past the Security?

An SUV with two persons in it managed to get past a military checkpoint and crash into an F/A-18E fighter jet at LeMoore Naval Air Station in California on Wednesday night. Both the male and female in the Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV were killed in the crash.

Authorities do not believe it was a “terror attack,” as the vehicle was being chased by the California Highway Patrol at the time of the incident. At one point it is reported that the SUV  reached speeds of about 100 mph.

Both occupants had warrants. Their names have not been released pending notification of next of kin, but they have been identified. They are not from that area of California.

Screenshot of Navy/CHP press conference

Police Pursuit

CHP officers stopped to investigate the purple Jeep as it was parked alongside of Highway 41 near Jackson Road. The driver immediately fled from them, going the wrong way on Highway 198, which temporarily called off the pursuit until the suspects got back on their own side of the road. The pursuit was picked back up when the SUV went westbound on 198.

The Jeep drove into the Air Base, where Naval authorities picked up the chase. A CHP helicopter was following the vehicle. The Jeep then crashed into the horizontal stabilizer of a parked F/A 18E warplane.

The chase lasted approximately 15 minutes, according to the Naval Base.

The driver was transported to the hospital where he died from his injuries. The woman died at the scene.

 Lemoore naval

Jets at LeMoore Naval Air Station

Getting past the checkpoint?

The Naval Air Station is investigating how the Jeep was able to get past the security. The PIO stated that all of the security checkpoints were properly manned at the time of the accident.

Military.com wrote:

“Lemoore has a heavily fortified main gate with steel barriers that must be lowered before vehicles can pass into the facility. The gate is guarded by military police armed with assault rifles. Officials indicated that the Jeep did not enter through the gate, but deflected questions about how it reached the jet, which [Captain Monty] Ashliman was near a runway at the north end of the station, about 7 miles away from the gate.

“Whether it’s our fault, or someone else’s fault … a tragedy happened that shouldn’t happen and we’ve all got to take a look and see where we can get better so that it doesn’t happen again,” Ashliman said.”

LeMoore Naval Air Station (LAS)

They came through what is being described as a “entry control point on the operational side of Naval Air Station LeMoore.”

The investigation is continuing. The Navy says it will do whatever it can to prevent this kind of incident from happening again. They are checking to make sure there is no other damage that they weren’t aware of.

The CHP helicopter and patrol vehicle have videos that may be released to the public after the investigation.

Question for the future

LeMoore is the largest facility in the country for carrier-based aircraft. According to the Military, it’s about to become larger, as the Pacific Strike Fighter Wing will be based there. It means that 60% of America’s fighter jets will be in one spot. Sixty percent of America’s fighters have been re-aligned to fight in the Pacific  theater…

Somehow that doesn’t seem very smart.

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