Legal Gun Carriers Welcome in Idaho Restaurant

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Legal Gun Carriers Welcome in Idaho Restaurant

At a time when many restaurants around the country are posting signs for people to keep their guns away from a business, this restaurant welcomes pistol-packin’ patrons. Dueling Irons, a North Idaho Restaurant advertises a 15% discount for anyone coming to their restaurant with open carry (Idaho is an open carry state) or a valid concealed carry permit.

And if you forget your gun, all you have to do is show them your CCW permit and you’re granted the discount.


Thomas Didra, owner of the establishment in Post Falls, Idaho, is a strong 2nd Amendment supporter. The 15% discount has been in place since they opened on Black Friday, 2014.

Rewarding  gun owners

When news first came out about his gun-toting offer, he said, “people thought if they came in here they’d get shot or robbed or something.” But as a whole, most of the customers are fine with the restaurant’s decision.

There have been absolutely no incidents, not even accidents, since they opened.

“They’ve been extremely law abiding citizens.”

“I wanted to provide a safe environment for people to come in and not only learn but experience that gun owners are usually self-respecting, very good people.”  Didra in an interview with KREM news.

A country boy at heart

Didra grew up in the country,  and believes that the Second Amendment is a God-given right in America. He is also a certified Gunsmith and has been involved with guns for a long time. He “always” carries.

“It’s important for people to stand up and learn about their rights and the Constitution in their personal lives.”

Thomas says the word is gradually getting out that the narrative of the media is wrong. Everything isn’t negative with regard to guns.

“Hollywood coined the phrase ‘Wild West.’ It wasn’t a bunch of people running around shooting each other. It isn’t today, either.” 

Dueling Irons provides a diverse menu, everything from scratch.

From scratch food

When I as asked if he had anything else to say to the American people, he just remarked,

“Thank you to everyone who supports the right to keep and bear arms.” T. Didra

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