Lefty Rag Vox Trashes Marines on Memorial Day

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A beta-male writer for the left-wing publication Vox has written an article that trashes US Marines and, if that wasn’t classless enough in itself, he did it on Memorial Day. The beta-male’s name? Alex Ward.

Ward wrote an article titled “The Marine Corps has a Toxic Masculinity Problem.” Apparently, the ‘toxic masculinity’ Ward is referring to is related to a recent nude photo sharing scandal, and his assertion that the Marine Corps often “marginalizes or mistreats female troops.”

Are you serious?

The scandal gave Ward and Vox all the ammo they needed to trash Marines, and to write about one of their obsessions – perceived sexism. But if you serve/served in another branch of our military, don’t worry. Ward thinks you suffer from the same ‘toxic masculinity:’

And to be fair, it’s not just the Marines. Sexual assault has increased in other services, and even in military academies. According to one Pentagon review, there were 6,172 reports of sexual assault last year.

Could it be that the progressive attempt at social engineering our military might not be going as wonderfully as those on the Left had hoped? It’s exactly masculinity that gives mighty fighting forces their muscle and determination.


The Left, including Vox, doesn’t get that. In their world, yes, we want to be able to defend ourselves and maybe even win wars. But not until our racism, sexism, Islamaphobia, gender equality, and whatever other terms they decide to invent, have been addressed and eliminated first. Good luck with that.

It’s hard to imagine the military’s of our forefathers, and whether they would have kicked ass as much as they did, had they had the ball and chain known as political correctness slowing them down.

The Vox beta-male, Alex Ward.

Vox and Alex Ward are OK with that. Unable to accept that if it hadn’t been for the un-PC forces of our past, they wouldn’t even be able to publish the garbage they put out to the world today. Of course, because progressive women are usually more manly than progressive men, it’s easy to see how Ward feels threatened.

As we observe Memorial Day today, and remember the fallen who have paid for our freedom, it would be nice if the Left could show at least a little respect. Sadly, they just don’t get it.

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