Leftists Used Hashtag #AllBuildingsMatter On 9-11 Anniversary

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Leftists used the hashtag “AllBuildingsMatter” on the anniversary of 9-11, and got it to trend on Twitter. They thought it was hilarious to make fun of the nearly 3,000 lives lost that day. They hate the statement “All Lives Matter.” And they can’t understand why the rest of us use it. But their hashtag created controversy immediately.

A short trip through the hashtag is infuriating as the leftists find great glee in talking about Black Lives Matter and saying that they didn’t downplay 9-11-2001. But they did.

“#AllBuildingsMatter isn’t about downplaying the tragedy of 9/11, it’s an illustration of how ‘All Lives Matter’ downplays the severity of police brutality. It’s not stooping to their level, it’s showing them their own idiocy in terms even they can understand. 9/11 was and is a horrible tragedy. Unarmed black people dying at the hands of police is a horrible tragedy. No one should attempt to trivialize either one.” Twitter user Zachary @zach69k

Except that they are NOT always “unarmed” Black people. The riots happen anyway, no matter what the true circumstances might be.  And the hashtag DID trivialize  9-11-2001. Why did BLM riot and loot when a Black man committed suicide with no officers nearby? Why do they laud criminals who have done acts that ordinary people would not do? Why do they think that stealing from others is justified? Their narrative is tainted by an agenda.

If they want to be respected, if they want to have no problems with police or anyone else, then they should act like real citizens of America. The riots, the looting, the throwing fits every single time a Black person dies does nothing to help their cause. Those are excuses to be out of control.

The BLM movement insists that their lives are more important than anyone elses.  EVERYONE’s life matters. EVERYONE should have the right to live no matter the color of their skin. The oversensitivity to their pet “Black Lives Matter” tag is just plain wrong.


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