Leftists Obtain Funding from Obama’s DOJ

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We knew that the DOJ was a mess under Obama. Everybody knew this, but until Trump got into office nobody did anything about it. Now Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA),  House Financial Services Committee Chairman, told Congress that Obama’s administration directed money intended for victims of Wall Street mortgage meddling to progressive activist organizations – you know, the “resistance” to President Donald Trump. From lies to “rules” that “required” banks to give to the leftists, it’s seedy evidence of corruption and lies.

The Daily Wire noted,

Members of the House Judiciary Committee mentioned several weeks ago that they suspected Obama’s Department of Justice had iced out conservative organizations looking for their share of the more than $1 billion legal settlement the DOJ collected from “big banks” who’d played a part in the housing crisis of the late 2000s. The DOJ required banks included in the settlement agreement to make “mandatory donations” to non-profits working on housing and property rights policies.

Yesterday, the same committee said that emails from Associate Attorney General Tony West (obtained byThe Daily Wire and linked here), show West and other DOJ officials had been asking colleagues how to allocate the “slush fund” money to organizations “of our choosing,” and requesting advice on how to avoid directing settlement funds to organizations who leaned conservative.

In one email, a senior official even appears to admit that they worded a memo with a mind to “not allowing Citi to pick a statewide intermediary like the Pacific Legal Foundation” because PLF “does conservative property-rights free legal services.”

For years, the Obama DOJ was accused of heavy-handedness against people, banks, and everyone in between. Particularly in the distribution of funds, it was well known that they ‘redirected’ the funds to left wing organizations only.

Deputy Attorney General Geoffrey Graber testified in February that “the Department did not want to be in the business of picking and choosing which organization may or may not receive any funding under the agreement.” And yet in the documents revealed by Rep Goodlatte, his testimony was shown to be a lie. The DOJ deliberately avoided Conservative groups for distribution of billions, giving those funds only to ‘progressive’ organizations.

Is there no end to the corruption?


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