Leftists Harass Florida AG Pam Bondi at Movie Screening

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Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and her boyfriend attended a screening of the film “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” about Mister Rogers on Sunday evening. In keeping with the incitement to violence committed by the leftists, a woman got in Bondi’s face and attempted to goad her boyfriend into physically responding. But the YouTube video showed only a portion of what fully happened. Bondi called them “bullies” and said they were spoling for a fight.

According to Fox News Insider,

Bondi said that while waiting in the ticket line to see “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” – a documentary about Mr. Rogers – a woman approached her and claimed Bondi was responsible “for ripping babies out of the arms of mothers.”

“They were trying to create a fight,” Bondi said on “Fox & Friends,” explaining that the hecklers were right in her face and trying to goad her boyfriend into responding physically…

…”What would Mr. Rogers think about you and your legacy in Florida? Taking away health insurance from people with pre-existing conditions, Pam Bondi,” a protester shouted Friday night.

The woman shouted “shame on you!” as Bondi walked away from the theater. 

Whitney Ray, Bondi’s spokeswoman, stated,

“The video they are choosing to share is of the least aggressive portion of the attack that transpired after police arrived to control the scene. What they are not sharing publicly are several previous encounters involving large men getting in the Attorney General’s face, spitting and blocking her exit.”  

Let’s make this clear: Rep Maxine Waters advocates people getting in the face of Trump supporters and cabinet members.  Keep this up and someone will eventually get killed. Take all of the leftists actions together, from Hollywood across the nation to restaurants and movie theaters, and it won’t take much longer before violence breaks out. Who will snap first? Our side or theirs?

These disgusting displays of leftist hate have nothing whatsoever to do with immigration. They are just out of control people.


Featured Photo- Pam Biondi screenshot via fox news

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