Leftist Army Reservist Under Investigation

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A leftist Army Reservist, sporting her t-shirt that proclaims “veterans against the war,” has been actively speaking against the US military. An article in the Army Times reported that Capt. Brittany DeBarros has been tweeting her hatred of the US military and Department of Defense on a pre-scheduled feed while she is on 14 day orders. She is assigned to Army Psychological Operations Command. She is also now under investigation, as well she should be.

“We at USACAPOC are aware of the situation surrounding Cpt. Brittany DeBarros. To maintain the integrity of the ongoing investigation, we are unable to comment at this time.” Sgt. 1st Class Stephen Crofoot 

Here are her last 7 days of posts. Why doesn’t she get out? The government she hates so much is paying her wages. The Armed Forces of the US is voluntary.

The Army Times reported,

“DeBarros did not respond to multiple requests via Facebook for comment.

She’s the latest soldier to be investigated for behavior on social media, after 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone, then a 10th Mountain Division platoon leader, faced separation after sharing his communist sympathies on Twitter…”

“While Army Reserve and National Guard soldiers are allowed to make public political statements while in a civilian status, those actions are against regulations while the troops are on active orders.”

The US Armed Forces have been infiltrated by people who cannot be trusted. This woman is in Psychological Operations Command, and is using her “talents” to foment insurrection. She also received quite a few positive comments from other vets like these:

“Yaaaaas! So brave, so strong, such an inspiration. Resist✊ Revolution is inevitable. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

“Thank U for being bold enough 2 raise awareness, despite the hate you’re getting from our brothers & sisters in arms. I’m going on 10 years in the World’s Finest Navy & the lack of awareness & accountability when it comes 2 how we operate is not ok. Thank U!”

There were far more, however, who told her to resign her commission, or remarked that she’s still getting an Army paycheck. Some even remarked that her actions are illegal. Unless she’s just practicing her psyops skills..at which point she definitely passed on making people angry.

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  • Charles Hamilton

    Demote and transfer to a service unit like those the Japanese used in Manchuria in WW2. And remove citizenship.

  • Frank

    Not certain why this girl was picked on.
    She’s done no different than John Kerry did years ago and he was recently the US Secretary of State.

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