Left wing terrorism- Greece’s Appeasement Policy

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The lovely Greek state-the one that nowadays is fully compliant with all the mandates of the left wing Politically Correct Caliphate-has had an issue with leftist terrorists and militant activists for over 50 years now. Instead of fighting fire with fire, the policy has always been one of appeasement so that “the situation would not escalate.”

As you may guess, this led to the somewhat normalization of this phenomenon to the point that when a bomb goes off or a police station is being firebombed it rarely gets on the news.


Leftist terrorists — their weapons and their heroes

Get rid of one, more follow

Regarding terrorist attacks, there have been quite a few bombings and some high profile killings, most notable of whom is the killing of Richard Welch in 1975 (who at the time was the CIA Athens station chief) and Brigadier Stephen Saunders in 2000(British Army, he was a military attaché in Athens), both carried out by the Marxist terrorist group ‘17 November’.

This terrorist organization, which was proclaimed to be disbanded in 2002 after several members were arrested and put on trial, had carried out a total of over 100 attacks including 23 killings and 11 bank robberies.

Of course when this group was “disbanded” new ones sprang up to continue their tradition, the biggest of whom is the ‘Nucleus of Fire Conspiracy’ (I’m sorry but I don’t even know how to translate it in English) which just 2 days ago placed a bomb under the house of the head prosecutor in Greece regarding terrorist issues. The bombing was followed by an announcement/manifesto of the group in which it proclaimed that this attack didn’t cause any casualties but is meant to change in the future.

If the previously mentioned groups are the special forces of left wing terrorism in Greece, the plain foot soldiers are the ones who carry out the smaller attacks such as fire bombings.

The no go zones in the Caliphate of Political Correctness

Through the course of the years no go zones for police have been established and the police stations near those areas are being attacked at least once per week. It is very common to see police units equipped with riot gear stationed throughout Athens as well as any other major city since a ‘protest’ may take place at any time, ‘just because.’

Police officers, especially those directly involved with riot control and immediate apprehension of crime, are like moving targets. If you think that police officers have it bad in some areas within the US just keep in mind that in Greece not only they are sitting ducks but due to lovely NGO’s, liberal lawyers and other servants of the Caliphate of Political Correctness, if they dare to fight back the usual outcome is losing their job or even ending up in jail.

left wing

Stupid media and the public opinion

Of course the media and the public opinion (I have mentioned in a previous article that the vast majority of the population have embraced political correctness and social justice as a religion) are always ready to blame the cops and defend the attackers. This support towards leftists who carry out these attacks, as absurd as it may sound, spreads out even in some groups of the ‘radical right’ that openly advocate in favor of these parasites.

Well since what someone would characterize as radical right in Greece is comprised of socialists who adopt Rousseau’s teachings and preach in the name of social justice it kind of makes sense now.  After all, to adopt such ideas-regardless of whether you advocate in favor of nation states or multiculturalism-makes you equally stupid.

The Choice

In less than a month from now, Americans will have to make a choice and decide between the candidate for law and order or the person who plans to transform the US into one more failed social democracy; aka a socialist shit hole in which anarchy reigns.

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