Left Wing Extremism? Pearl Jam Depicts Trump Corpse Eaten by Eagle

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Pearl Jam has been touring the state of Montana doing fundraisers for Senator Jon Tester, who is up for re-election in the Big Sky state. They used a poster created by Jeff Ament and Bobby Draws that depicted the White House in flames and the corpse of the President. It has sparked significant backlash. As of August 15, Tester has not denounced the violent content of the poster.

Fox wrote:

“The artwork also included an image of the corpse of Trump being picked at by a bald eagle while it reaches for a briefcase that appears to have the communist hammer and sickle emblem on it.
In the photo, Sen. Tester is flying above the fray on a tractor while his opponent, Montana Senate Republican candidate Matt Rosendale, is depicted with a lobster claw and holding a sign that reads “Maryland.”

The band shared the poster on its official Instagram page along with a note to fans from Ament endorsing Tester.”

Yes, it’s their first amendment right. But was it necessary and does it promote violence? No it wasn’t necessary, and yes it does promote violence.

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