Lebanon, IN – Suspect Attempts Kidnapping, Gets Bruises

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Lebanon, IN – Benjamin Dillon, 37, allegedly broke into an elderly couple’s home and announced he was taking their 6 year old granddaughter. Grandparents and police declined his request.

The incident occurred on June 3, when Dillon kicked in the door to grandparents apartment. Both Grandparents, Martin and Patricia Roth, were home at the time, and the granddaughter was asleep in the back room.

“I was sound asleep in my bedroom and this guy came kicking in and said, ‘You have my daughter.'” Patty Roth

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WTHR reported,

Last week, witnesses say, Dillon kicked his way into the apartment in the middle of the night. The girl’s grandparents, Martin and Patricia Roth, fought him off and kept him away from the girl until police arrived.

According to the police report, officers found Dillion outside “shirtless and very agitated, insisting there was a little girl in the apartment being raped” and “that the little girl was his daughter.”

As many as eight police officers arrived.

The Roth’s said they had never seen the man before and told police Dillon insisted he “was taking the child.”

That’s when things heated up. Dillon clenched his fists and exclaimed that he was going “fight and kill” all of the police.

A struggle ensued. Three shots of the taser had no effect as the police officers fought with the suspect. By the time they got him subdued, he was still “kicking and screaming” according to the police report. All the ruckus scared the little girl.

Dillon was upset that police “beat him up.”

Dillon has a previous history of drug offenses. Mrs Roth stated that she hopes the man gets back on his feet from the drug problem. “I hope he gets the help he needs and I hope he gets himself back on his feet… I wouldn’t want him walking back in my apartment again. He will regret it the next time.” He’d best listen the this Grandma, she meant it.

Dillon claimed it was all a “misunderstanding” and he was just trying to find his own child, and complained about police “beating” him up. So he broke into a random apartment in Lebanon, Indiana and threatened to kidnap an unrelated 6 year old. Then had a fist fight with 8 police officers. That’s some ‘misunderstanding.’

He was charged with burglary, battery on a law enforcement officer, and intimidation. His trial is set for September.

Featured photo via Boone County jail

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