Leader of Militia Group That Detained Migrants Arrested

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The FBI arrested Larry Mitchell Hopkins, 69, the reported leader of the United Constitutional Patriots, for alleged illegal firearms possession charges. We previously wrote about their takedown of around 300 illegal immigrants near the New Mexico border.

Nearly every single media called the actions of the militia “illegal.” But note that the charges against Hopkins were carefully crafted to not mention the illegals or the detention. Hopkins was also known as Johnny Horton, Jr, and allegedly has a previous conviction for impersonating an officer and a firearms possession charge.

According to the Guardian,

Hopkins’ role in the group was unclear, and it was also not clear if he was facing any charges directly related to the videos of the men stopping migrants. The New Mexico attorney general’s office described Hopkins as a “dangerous felon who should not have weapons around children and families” and labeled him an “armed individual detaining migrants at the border”.

An FBI statement on the arrest did not mention the militia group or the detention of migrants, but noted that Hopkins has also gone by the name Johnny Horton Jr and that he was due to appear in court on Monday.

Plenty of people responded to the news, many of them not happy.

Because the left went ballistic over the “armed vigilantes” daring to detain illegal migrants, not only did the FBI arrest their leader, but PayPal and GoFundMe have shut the patriots group down from any fundraising, according to The Gateway Pundit. New Mexico Governor LuJuan Grisham and the ACLU demanded an investigation. Apparently they easily got one.

Whether or not the militia group is “xenophobic” or “racist” is unknown, since leftists throw those words around all the time without evidence or logical purpose. If Mr. Hopkins is a felon, then he is not allowed to possess firearms, and should not have been there. But as far as the detention itself… that’s not illegal in spite of the temper tantrums being thrown by liberals.

Featured photo: Screenshot from militia video

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  • Michelle Neff

    I’m not cerrtuan why a from would be in charge if an unorganized Nilitua Group. U can say this, they can expect defense for him that will be very aggressive. If he had completed his sebrabce what can’t he vite and own a gun? Is his cime life long?

    • Roy

      Citizens arrest is legal in New Mexico if the offense would normally result in greater than one year jail time, or be an offense punishable by death. Since many illegal immigrants are being detained more than a year (waiting to be given diplomatic immunity), common sense would dictate that what the militia is doing is legal, as long as the illegals are turned over to law enforcement (border patrol).

  • Mitchell Alsept

    This the beginning of the 2nd civil war. Laws will not apply once it starts. If the government dont get it done real soon, then the true American Patriots will. The government agencies supporting sanctuary cities should b arrested and charged with treason. I’m sick of hearing about white privilege, you people should of stayed and fought to fix your own countries, not come hear and rape, murder and sell drugs. Deport every person in America who is not a American.

    • Jason bradfute

      The government doesn’t like what seen a small group of semi organized Patriots can do they are see what could happen they all organized as one

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