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Want to know what’s going on in the world so you can make up your own mind instead of being spoon fed the agenda of others? Join Marine veteran Rick Ferran, also known as “Tank” on his Podcast, TANK’S AMERICA.  You’ll be able to listen to guests discussing the issues of the day, or sharing their adventures or service with the audience.

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Tank’s Story

Over these many years, Tank has interviewed many high profile people – from Dinesh D’Souza to Lt Col Allen West and many others. There will be many more to come!

As you in our Tribe know, Rick Ferran is a Marine Corps Veteran who came to the United States from Cuba at age 13 with his family. His unique background of 13 years under Communism and Socialism gives him the knowledge that benefits everyone in today’s political environment. He is an American through and through, in spite of his foreign background. As a survivor of the Communist regime of Fidel Castro, he knows well the dangers of policies that go against the American values of ordinary people.

Rick’s family was relatively well off in Cuba before Castro. His father, Ricardo Ferran, was studying to become a doctor, and his mother, Iris Monetro, worked in a government office. Rick’s Grandmother, Ramona, even owned a string of 12 Pharmacy “boutiques.” But one day, the family mentioned they’d like to go to America, and everything changed. Suddenly, they became “enemies of the state.” The family lost their homes, and their jobs…all seized by the ruthless Communist regime.

What followed? There were years of beatings, mob attacks, and being ostracized for simply wanting freedom.  When Rick, his sister Oni, and their parents arrived in the United States, they came on a visa sponsored by family members already here. He has described it as the best day of his life.

The Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children Tribe

Tank is not politically correct. If you want politically correct, a politician is who you should talk to. But if you want unvarnished truth from a man who has lived through what happens to a country under the rule of socialists/communists, he’s the man. He’s been censored, hated, and ignored, but he continues because he absolutely loves America. He wants the very best for our nation.

Though we at Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children are sometimes a little  ‘misguided,’ we are a “tribe” and it doesn’t matter whether you are a veteran, first responder, a civilian  –  we are all patriots who love America! And we are every race under the sun.

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