Las Vegas Shooting Shifting Narrative, Now a Missing Security Guard

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The Las Vegas shooting shifting narrative – the timeline, the victims, the number of just about everything keeps changing. Everything we have heard may change. Whether you are law enforcement trying to follow every lead and every wacky theory, or a John Q Public who refuses to believe anything anyone says, the Las Vegas shooting is a twisted tangle of information… or lack thereof. And the questions are mounting… now there is a missing security guard.

Missing security guard

Jesus Campos, the Mandalay Bay Security guard appears to be missing, according to numerous media, including Fox News. On October 10 he accepted the SPFPA Hero Award. He told his union boss that he was looking forward to telling his side of what happened and a meeting was set up with various media for Thursday, October 12. But just before he was to do that, poof! Vanished. Where is he? Is he still alive? Why did he run from a news conference he was reportedly looking forward to?

He texted his Union President, David Hickey – or someone did – saying that he had been taken to UMC Quick care, an urgent care facility with 8 locations in Las Vegas. They have no information on him going there. His boss has stated it is highly unusual and he is worried about his member.

Since the timeline changed, and supposedly revealed that Campos was shot before the massacre instead of after, he may have become afraid he would be blamed for it. Questions like “did the Mandalay Bay do enough?” are being floated since that timeline discrepancy was revealed.

Campos was a member of the SPFPA (Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America). Were all the meetings he had with hotel management to coach him ahead of time down the sewer when the timeline changed?

Disputed Timeline

Supposedly, Campos encountered Paddock’s room at 9:59 p.m. (2159), and was shot near when the shooting began at 10:05 (2205). He could not access the 32nd floor so went to a different floor and came back to it. He reportedly was answering an alarm at another room on the 32nd floor at the time. Police say that Campos DID notify the hotel based on his cell phone information.

Twelve minutes later, the shooting had ceased. Police stated they worked to evacuate the rooms adjacent to the suspect’s room before entering.  Body cameras, LVMPD Dispatch, hotel surveillance cameras, security logs, and interviews were part of the information to establish that timeline. Twelve minutes, at 2217, are when the officers first arrived at the 32nd floor  – and the gunfire had ceased at that time.

Approximately 200 rounds were fired through Paddock’s door into the hallway of the hotel when Campos was shot. Even the police officers responding stated that the door “looked like Swiss cheese.”  A maintenance worker, Stephen Schuck called security to tell them someone was firing a gun, and had unleashed bullets into the hallway when he approached the door.

This video contains the sounds of gunfire.

Or…there are several other ideas and the disappearance of Mr. Campos feeds them like buzzards feeding on the carcass of a dead water buffalo.

Is he still alive? Why did he run? Was it just fear of being accused of failing in his duty or something else?

The “2nd shooter” theory

That “accoustic analysis” by somebody we’ve never heard of aside, it still appears that there was only one shooter. The sounds of close and far away shots were either a) because he was shooting in two different directions, or b) an echo. Listen to the pattern of the shots, the close ones and the far ones. They are identical. If there were a 2nd shooter, the shots should be over the top of each other and louder.

The Sheriff also confirmed that Paddock was shooting at fuel tanks at McCarran airport. His bullets were not of the type to ignite those tanks, though it appeared he was attempting to do so. Different direction, fainter sound…or an echo. High rise buildings are like a canyon, echoes would be likely.

The “flashing light” from the 4th floor was there PRIOR to the shooting and during the beginning of the concert. If you look at the video steams from before the shooting began, you can see the light flashing in the background. No shots, just the light flashing. As the Battalion Fire Chief told us, it was an alarm going off, not a shooter. There were only two windows shot out- the Mandalay Bay windows DO NOT OPEN, not on the 32nd floor, not on the 4th or 5th floor.  Only two windows- both belonging to Paddock’s suite were shot out.

The mystery room guest:

As we previously reported, in room dining receipts showed a second guest – the type of extra food on the receipt was more a woman’s fare. Some have suggested that the woman was a high end prostitute, who ran from the room and warned some of the concertgoers that they were going to die. Police have not confirmed this scenario.

Date discrepancy:

Sheriff Lombardo stated he was aware that the suspect did occupy the room on September 25. The name on the registration changed on the 28th to be Marilou Danley, and that was the information provided to the LVMPD. (See video below). Did he use her credit card to pay for the rest of his stay?

When police arrived in the room

According to police, the “note” on the table in Paddock’s room was not a note at all. The paper had numbers all over it. They were reportedly trajectory calculations to maximize the kill zone. It was not a suicide note.

Police officers on the scene described the room as “almost a gun store.” Which is an interesting choice of words, in light of the theory about an ISIS connection. He had drills, electric tools, laptops, with lots of guns and ammo. He used the drill to make sure the door to the stairwell would not open.

“So many magazines. Stacks and stacks of magazines everywhere. Just in suitcases all neatly stacked against pillars, around the room, all stacked up, rifles placed all throughout…  All kinds of monitors and electrical equipment he had in there. It just looked like almost a gun store.” LVMPD Officer Dave Newton

There are a thousand more questions and bits of information, and we’ll try to keep on it to make you aware of whatever comes out of this investigation. We may never know some of it, particularly if any of the agencies helping LVMPD have an agenda. If the FBI didn’t have a history of lying and obfuscating the facts, this would be easier. Local FBI agents and local police generally work together well…but if you add 200 more Feds to that mix from various places,you get all sorts of possibilities for confusing the issue. The sheer size of this investigation precludes having it all nicely knit together.


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