Las Vegas Shooting: Questions Keep Piling Up

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After 58 people were killed and more than 500 injured, we still don’t know many details of the Las Vegas shooting. Law Enforcement officials appear to have been locked down from talking anymore about it, and the FBI specifically said they weren’t doing any more press conferences. Wasn’t this purported to be the worst mass shooting in Modern American History?

ISIS claimed responsibility numerous times, but authorities poo-pooed that idea, saying they have no evidence. Stephen Paddock’s father was said to be a psychopath, but authorities aren’t talking about any connection to a history of mental illness. They keep telling us there has been no determination of motive, no political agenda, no evidence of mental problems. They even sent his brain to be sampled to see if there were any organic issues. Nothing. Silence. Why?

Fact: No one just wakes up one morning, walks out the door starts slaughtering people. It doesn’t happen that way. Even serial killer has a history of something- like animal cruelty or sex abuse…there’s ALWAYS something. We’re being led to believe there is nothing here. Does anybody care anymore?

Both the Daily Caller and Las Vegas Review Journal have listed some questions that have no answers yet. There are more, but these a few are from the  Las Vegas media:

• What was the gunman’s motive? (This is the biggy)

• When did the gunman start planning his massacre?

• Where did the gunman store all of the weapons before the shooting?

• Why did the gunman stop shooting? Considering the gunman killed himself, why are investigators withholding so much information about the case? Do they believe he had accomplices?

• What was the gunman planning to do with the explosives found in his car?

• What evidence shows he might have planned to escape?

• What exactly were the 23 guns found in the hotel suite? How many were equipped with bump stocks? How many had been fired? How many jammed? How many rounds did he fire?

• What else was recovered from the gunman’s hotel room and his homes in Mesquite and Reno?

• When did authorities determine the hard drive from the gunman’s laptop was missing?

• What, if anything, did Marilou Danley, the gunman’s girlfriend, know before the shooting? Where is she now, and is she still a person of interest?

• Why didn’t Mandalay Bay notice the gunman’s hidden cameras, drilling into walls and the barred door? Did alarms go off when the gunman broke the windows in his suite?

• What kind of surveillance does Mandalay Bay have in its hotel hallways?

• Is there any indication that the gunman was considering acts of violence during visits to Ogden during Life is Beautiful or the Blackstone in Chicago during the Lollapalooza festival?

• Did Mandalay Bay have any armed security guards in the resort when the shooting started?

• Who took the photos of the dead gunman and his room after the shooting? Where does the investigation into this leak stand?

• MGM Resorts is providing room and board for Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos. Is it also taking care of building engineer Steven Schuck?

• Did hotel staff notice anything out of the ordinary about the gunman’s behavior in the days leading up to the shooting? Were red flags ignored?

• How long was the do not disturb sign posted on his room? Did housekeeping or room service ever visit the room?

• What does Mandalay Bay surveillance footage show about the gunman’s movements and activities in the days before the shooting?

• How many Mandalay Bay employees knew of the gunman’s presence in the hotel? How many interacted with him before he started shooting?

• How many VIP hosts did the gunman, who was a slot high roller, have on the Strip?

• Is there any evidence to indicate the gunman was frustrated with his comps?

• Did he change his gambling habits for this trip and did his hosts notice?

• Was the gunman’s girlfriend aware that he used her comps to obtain his suite?

• How many times did the gunman leave the Mandalay Bay property during his hotel stay?

• Did Mandalay Bay and other MGM properties have more guards stationed before the financial crisis and near bankruptcy?

You catch the drift, there are many more questions that are left hanging. They are things that the public deserves to know.


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  • Eric Newhill

    I’d like to know where Paddock got all the money, We hear that he was an accountant for a short period of time and that he had some real estate holdings, but the guy was spending like a $million a year based on reports of gambling activities. We’re also told that Paddock was a pro gambler; problem is that he played games of pure chance (video poker). Those machines are programmed to win. So Paddock would have lost $millions over the years he gambled. What, exactly, were the real estate holdings? They must have been pretty large and high profile to generate that much money – but no specific mention other than the two houses, which weren’t worth that much. If he did indeed have significant real estate holdings, where did the money come from to buy those? Why hasn’t anyone who was an associate in the real estate come forward to tell what they know? The story really doesn’t add up.

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