Las Vegas Massacre – Who Should be Blamed?

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As those who advocate more gun control came out of the woodwork to express their opinions on the Las Vegas Massacre, and how ‘evil’ those who own guns are, there are some issues we all need to know: one more law won’t – and never will – stop evil from occurring.  Apart from conspiracy theories, is there a wider issue here? Some experts believe there is.

First, Gun Control and the Las Vegas massacre

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin made an excellent statement:

“There has, from the beginning of time, been those who perpetrate evil.” Gov Matt Bevin

But that fact is lost on gun control advocates. They are so fixated on the weapon itself instead of the perpetrator that they can’t ‘see the forest for the trees.’

Hillary Clinton, for example, tweeted:

She targets the NRA as the boogeyman, instead of Stephen Paddock, the bad guy. As if somehow he could not have perpetrated the crime without the weapons he owned. It would behoove her to remember that he was in possession of Ammonium Nitrate…the same fertilizer that Timothy McVeigh used to create a bomb that blew up the Edward R Murrow Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Instead of 59 people murdered, 168 died in that blast, including innocent children at a daycare.

“The only one with blood on his hands is Stephen Paddock.” Sarah Huckabee Sanders, WH Press Secretary

Mindset of killers

Law Enforcement states there is no connection to foreign terrorist organizations…but are they correct in that assessment?

It’s not about the TOOL that these people use, it’s about the mindset behind the action. According to both Lt Col Allen West and the counter-terrorism experts at Understanding the Threat, it is important to analyze how this massacre was carried out, and the context of the actions.

It was well thought out, most definitely pre-meditated. He chose that specific hotel suite for its two windows. He knew it was the last day of the Country Music Festival because he had been in that room since September 28.

Attack signature

Somethin’ aint right.” Diamond and Silk

There were two jihadi attacks, one in Canada and one in France close to the same time as this carnage. Even though numerous reports state that Stephen Paddock was a left-wing, pro-Antifa, Marxist individual, the fact that ISIS claimed responsibility – twice – possibly reveals something important.

“The Islamic State has previously called for attacks on the U.S. homeland and has specifically mentioned Las Vegas, Nevada as a target.
The Islamic State issued a statement last week through one of it’s information outlets Nasher News calling for muslims to avoid places in America (and elsewhere) where “Crusaders” gather and have mentioned major events as good targets.
In recent days, jihadis have launched attacks in Europe.
The target of the attack.
The method and execution of the attack.” UTT

Are law enforcement officials always right in their “assessments?” We’d all like to believe Paddock was just a left-wing nutball who went over the edge. What if he was not?

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