Las Vegas Massacre Court Documents from FBI Unsealed by Judge

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A Nevada judge unsealed FBI court documents regarding the Las Vegas massacre on January 12 with no objection from federal prosecutors (which simply means there was nothing crucial in them).  The documents are affidavits filed by the Bureau in attempts to get search warrants. On Tuesday, January 16, a judge will hear arguments on whether Las Vegas police documents should remain sealed. Why that should be the case now that the FBI docs have been released is a question.

Las Vegas Shooting Warrants by MikeBalsamoReports on Scribd

Most of the information included are things we already knew. The room contained over 20 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. His vehicle contained 100 pounds of ammonium nitrate (called “explosives” in the above documents) and more ammo. His homes contained more guns and more ammo. Marilou Danley’s player’s card was found in his room at the Mandalay Bay, yet she was reportedly in the Philippines during the attack.

Authorities requested search warrants of all of Stephen Paddock’s online accounts, including one called Target Amazon.

In his email account it was revealed that he had purchased an EOTech 512.A65 holographic firearm accessory from the Target Amazon account. That accessory is touted as “a revolutionary weapon sighting system, the EOTech 512 A65 Holographic Firearm Sight enhances target acquisition, improves accuracy, and provides more control.” While created for “short range shooting,” it was used in the Las Vegas murders.

The FBI went to great lengths to find every cell phone conversation or text, email, every purchase, every bit of information including contacts, emails, IP addresses,  purchases, any and all email exchanges of Stephen Paddock.  They combed through thousands of pieces of electronic data. And yet, the hunt for Stephen Paddock’s motive appears to remain a mystery.

Still citing it as an “ongoing investigation,” the FBI has stated they will release a report regarding the massacre around the anniversary of it (October 1).

The only caveat: the federal prosecutor that was in charge AT THE TIME of the documents listed was Steven W. Myhre, the same “acting United States Attorney” that ran the Bundy debacle which was recently dismissed due to prosecutorial misconduct after a mistrial. In that case, the prosecutor withheld crucial information. So have Federal authorities withheld information in this case?


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