Las Damas De Blanco- The REAL Ladies in White, Cuban Dissidents, Not Socialist Democrats

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Last night at the SOTU, Democrat women all dressed in white, the same thing they did at last year’s State of the Union speech and the year before. But their misplaced “suffragette solidarity” rings hollow against those who REALLY suffer at the hands of a socialist/communist state that has killed or imprisoned their loved ones: Cuba’s Las Damas de Blanco- Ladies in White.

The Ladies in White are a group of Cuban dissidents. Known as Las Damas de Blanco in their country, many were arrested, imprisoned for protesting the Castro regime. The movement was started in 2003 by Laura
Pollán, a school teacher whose husband was arrested and spent 8 years in a Cuban prison. Laura died in October of 2003, and subsequent ladies have taken up the legacy to march every Sunday with photos of their loved ones in hand. (Except the week that Fidel Castro died.)

The women in our Congress who wear white to “stand in solidarity” with the Women’s Suffragette Movement have absolutely no concept of what the real Ladies in White have gone through in their quest for freedom.

ladies in white
Photos of the real Ladies in White provided

THAT is what it’s like to seek real freedom. It’s costly. The screaming, “nasty women” who march in our nation are not seeking freedom, they are begging for dictatorship. Whether they are wearing pink pussy hats or white jackets, they have no concept of the truth.

“America will never be socialist.” Donald Trump’s strong statement in the State of the Union (SOTU) brought sour expressions from the Democrat females wearing white in the audience, including AOC, the two Muslim females, Nancy capitalism-made-me-rich Pelosi, Elizabeth I-apologized-to-the-Cherokees Warren, and Kamala Trum-is-insincere Harris. Socialism is not the cure for our difficulties, it is the disease.

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