Largest “Black Lives Matter” Facebook Page was a Scam

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The Facebook page was simply called “Black Lives Matter” and had 700,000 likes (twice as many as the actual official page). But when Facebook (finally) checked into it, they found that it was run by a middle-aged white guy in Australia, and had bilked a little over $100,000 out of unsuspecting people who donated to it through various fund-raising sites. Facebook removed the page after numerous attempts by the real Black Lives Matter page to get them to move on it.

The real Black Lives Matter stated that they had tried and tried to get Facebook to take down the fake page, but nothing happened until news media started snooping around.

The fake account was run by Ian Mackay. He also ran a Facebook Group with 40,000 members called Black Lives Matter. He told CNN that one of his hobbies was ‘gathering up domain names.’

One of his other hobbies appears to be gathering up people’s money. Donorbox, Patraeon, PayPal, Classy and other crowd funding sites have removed their donor page. The money went to Australian banks, rather than to the real organization.

Mackay is a member of an Australian labor union, which has suspended him and at least one other member, according to SBS news in Australia.

After the scandal involving Cambridge Analytica stealing the personal information of 87 million people, CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent the entire day on Tuesday in front of Congress. Senators grilled him on Facebook privacy, and Conservative bias, among other things wrong with the social media platform. He is scheduled to testify again on Wednesday.

He has promised to crack down on pages with larger numbers of followers, to make sure their identities are verified.

Don’t be fooled, though. Facebook has been “data-mining” for years.  They have made money off of all of us using our personal information.


Featured photo screenshot via Twitter, taken by Justin Sullivan

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