LAPD Decides Certain People No Longer Need a CCW Permit, Moves to Cancel Them

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The new LAPD police Chief, Michael Moore, has moved to cancel the CCW permits of about 30 people, some of the few remaining gun permits in the hands of civilians in the city, according to NBC Los Angeles. The LAPD has a history of refusing to issue gun permits to anyone, so a group of people sued them in 1994 and won. This new chief simply doesn’t believe they should continue to hold those permits.

A hearing on this issue is set for this Friday. The Chief has decided that since the gun permits are now “decades old” and “technology has improved” so that people can contact the police immediately, there is no need for CCW permits.

“Technology has improved tremendously in the last 24 years which has enabled individuals to instantly communicate with law enforcement via cellphones from anywhere and at any time should they feel threatened.” Chief Moore

Right. So if the person is defenseless and at the mercy of gang violence or some other threat, they should just go ahead and be killed because police will take at least a couple of minutes or more to get there. What, are law abiding citizens supposed to be, hostage negotiators now? ‘Please don’t shoot me, we have to talk about this.’ The response time for critical incidents in LA is 4.6 minutes – the average response time is 9.1 minutes and can be even higher.

Have they bothered to ask the permit holders whether or not they “need” the permit? No evidence of that here. And “need” requirements on a Constitutional right are ridiculous.

California law leaves it up to the Chiefs and Sheriffs for issuing conceal weapon permits, and they have to show a “need.” The 30 plaintiffs in the original lawsuit, Assenza, et al. v. City of Los Angeles, had to sue to get one, and at the time they stated they were in danger. The only two permits Chief Moore has issued were to owners of a law enforcement firearms business that routinely transports weapons. He put restrictions on them as well – they can’t wear a gun for personal protection unless they are transporting weapons for their business.

The Second Amendment does not say for “police only.” It does not say there must be a “stated need.” It is a RIGHT! It was intended for the citizens. Moore and the Los Angeles City attorney have asked the court to vacate its previous ruling. We hope that ruling is not vacated.

Washington DC had such a statute that required a “need.” The courts shot it down as unconstitutional in 2017. They had to become a “shall issue” district. A couple of years ago immediately after the court ruling, about 124 concealed carry permits were issued. In 2018, 1,896 permits were granted according to the Daily Caller. Quite a jump.

The LAPD’s practice of denying gun permits, and and now attempting to take them away, is completely unconstitutional. Apparently, they don’t care.

  • Tim Mason

    While I’m sure not issuing new permits is well within the chief’s power, how can he unilaterally rescind permits already issued?

    The fact that the only two permits the chief has issued are to gun dealers who sell to the LAPD smacks of favoritism.

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