Lake County Florida – The Next 2a Sanctuary County

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On Tuesday evening, Lake County Florida became the first Florida jurisdiction to declare itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

Lake County is a little over a thousand square miles and a population of over 346,000 residents.  It has just 4 county commissioners, all of whom voted for the resolution with the full backing of Sheriff Peyton Grinnell.

Lake County Commissioner Josh Blake introduced the resolution. He had this to say, according to Fox35:

“There have been very terrible crimes that have been committed by very terrible people, as we’re all aware. I think it’s kind of compounded the tragedy that many of these crimes have taken place in gun-free zones where people were not legally allowed or able to defend themselves with force…

“Unfortunately, one of the primary reactions nationally to these criminal acts has been to penalize law-abiding citizens who make up the vast majority of gun owners in this country. 

“This draws a line in the sand. It doesn’t mince words, and I hope it sends a message to what can best be described as the authoritarian control freaks…

“This is a national movement. We’ll be the first county in Florida to do this but this is not new. This has been happening the last couple years as a response to these attempted overreaches by the government. Many Americans have been absolutely shocked to hear recent pronouncements by prominent national candidates who are vying for the presidency of the United States threatening and even outright calling for national gun bans of some of the most popular and commonly owned rifles in this county.”

This move in Lake County, Florida comes after several western counties have also completed a resolution. It’s good to see Americans of all parts of the nation standing for the Second Amendment rights. But the proof is in the pudding- will they stand firm when the heat is turned up by the anti-gun crowd? Will they stand firm if the communist wannabes attempt to take those commonly owned rifles? When or if all rational actions fail, will they take the time to lock and load or give in?

It’s a question that one day, all of these 2a counties may have to face.


Featured photo: Lake County, Florida Facebook photo


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