Lacey Township High School Punishes Students for Range Photo

 In 2nd Amendment

Lacey Township High School in New Jersey reportedly punished two students for a photo of their day at a private gun range that they posted on Facebook. The situation was reported in a post on Lacey Township Chatter.  The students’ ages are reportedly 16 and 17. Some community members are planning to attend a Townhall meeting on March 19.

😵Calling all Lacey Twp residents!!!😵 Please show up in force & numbers to express how disgusted we are that 2 LTHS students were totally unfairly “punished” with 5 days of detention for exercising their 1st & 2nd Amendment rights! I know one of the kids and his family personally. He is an AP student📚, an outstanding athlete🏉, and his college credit classes🎓 which he paid money for, as well as his record, are in jeopardy of being ruined😡 All because they posted a photo of some firearms with a caption that read “fun day at the range”. Please support him by attending the next Town Hall Mtg on Monday March 19th & insisting the Board of Ed retract their actions AND publically apologize for the unwarranted attention this situation has caused!!!” Post by MB
The students are in jeopardy of losing academic status, since they were removed from some classes, which had already been paid for.
The school is unlikely to retract their actions, since their handbook specifically lists a rule that no student can be in posession of a weapon at any time for any reason on or off the school grounds.  The school opted to give detention rather than suspension according to the rule.
That parents agreed to the rule is ridiculous in the first place.  This is another incidence of “zero tolerance” policies punishing good kids for ordinary activities.
One group member remarked that her son posted a similar photo back in 2014:
 My son had a pic posted on fb at a gun range while a junior at LTHS back in 2014, never had trouble, and there was an abundance of shootings back then!”

Here are some of the more rational comments:

Terry: “I get looking into it, but when they found out it was legit, no punishment should of been assigned. They did not break any laws.”

Michael: “Anyone pulling the “with all the school shootings happening the school did the right thing” argument please stop. They could easily have looked into it and moved on. But punishment was given that clearly was not deserved. No threats were made. So after that point it is no longer the schools business.”

The High School phone number is: 609-971-2020. The Principal’s name is Greg Brandis.

One resident contacted an attorney, who wrote the following letter:


Their townhall meeting with the Board of Education could be very interesting on March 19.

Featured file photo of students at a range – not related to this incident. The acutal photo of the student’s range day was unavailable.

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  • Conrad

    Possession of any weapon… So steak knives, baseball bats, hammers, vocabulary ( because words hurt)… Looks like this school needs to start suspending its entire student body.

  • Cobalt-Blue

    Hope they sue them, and take the BoE for several million dollars!

  • Susan

    How in the world can a school dictate what they do off school grounds?

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