Labor Day Weekend Shootings: San Bernardino, Birmingham, Chicago, Del Mar…

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Labor Day weekend was busy for shootings. San Bernardino, CA saw 10 people wounded in what may have been a gang scenario. Birmingham, AL saw 6 teens wounded from shots fired at a party. Chicago had its usual weekend carnage with 5 deaths and multiple injuries. And in Del Mar, CA a man who was angry with tickets to a concert being sold out started shooting, but ended up being shot by police. Three of the incidents may have ties to gang activity.

Screenshot San Bernardino via Twitter

San Bernardino

Fox reported that ten people were shot in an apartment complex, so far all are still alive. According to police, numerous people began shooting during a dice game in the complex commons area with both handguns and rifles. No suspects have been arrested.

Neighbors say there are gangs in the area.

Police set a large perimeter around the scene. Three of the wounded persons were reportedly in critical condition.


Fox reported that six teens were shot, one of whom is in extremely critical condition with life-threatening injuries. A seventh teen has a dislocated knee. The incident occurred at Birmingham’s WorkPlay, and reportedly stemmed from some sort of altercation prior to shots being fired. WorkPlay is a music venue in downtown Birmingham. No arrests have been made.


The city lived up to its violent reputation with 5 people killed and multiple people wounded over the Labor Day weekend. It started slow, with 15 hours of an apparent lull in the violence. It didn’t last.

Fox noted:

The dead included a man, 18, shot in the chest and head while standing on a sidewalk; a man, 32, shot in the neck by a man wearing a mask; and a woman, 30, struck in the back of the head while standing in an alley, WMAQ reported.

Killed on Sunday were a 25-year-old man who was caught in a crossfire in Rogers Park on the city’s North Side, and a 41-year-old man who was shot in the chest on the far South Side, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Two children, one 11 and one 17. were among the wounded with nonfatal injuries. No one is in custody there either. The areas are rife with gang violence.

Del Mar

A concert for Ice Cube sold out at the fairgrounds in Del Mar, CA. One man was unhappy about it, so he started shooting into the crowd. No one was injured except him- a deputy shot him. The concert continued as planned.

Naturally, all the liberals screamed for more gun control. But gangs steal their guns, or purchase them on the street, they are not “legal” gun owners. Police in Chicago removed 65 illegal guns over the weekend and still the violence continues.

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