LA County Teen, 13, Arrested for School Shooting Plot

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A 13 year old LA County teen was arrested for planning to carry out a school shooting. The plot was prepared for Ánimo Mae Jemison Charter Middle School in Willowbrook. He didn’t just threaten, he had the gun, the ammo, a layout of the school, and a list of people to take out. The name of the LA County teen was not released due to him being a minor.

Several students alerted their teacher when they overheard the boy threatening the shooting. Police were notified and obtained a search warrant for the boy’s home. There they found an AR-15, 100 rounds of ammunition, a layout of the school, and a “hit list.” He was arrested for making criminal threats.

The gun was unregistered, but did have a serial number. At first, LA County undersheriff referred to it as a “ghost gun” and then apologized for the misinformation.

ABC7 reported,

The school’s administration notified authorities, prompting interviews by deputies and a search of the suspect’s home, Villanueva said. The rifle, a high-capacity magazine and about 100 rounds of ammunition were also seized, along with the target list and the rudimentary drawing.

A 19-year-old relative of the teen was also arrested at the home where the search warrant was served. He was arrested for possession of an unregistered firearm and is being held on $35,000 bail.

The firearm was unregistered but does have a serial number, investigators said, adding that it did not appear to be a so-called ghost gun. A photo of the weapon was displayed at the news conference.

The suspect’s name was not released because he is a minor.

Society right now is totally screwed up. A teenager his age should be thinking about something besides killing classmates and the staff. He should be finding interests for his future, not plotting to destroy it. Part of this is the media’s fault, part of it is relatives/parents, part of it is the school system itself, part of it is the state that prides itself on ridding the world of firearms.

California has some of the most rigid gun control laws in the US – yet this kind of thing is happening more frequently. Gun control laws do not work. How a 19 year old relative managed to be in possession of an unregistered rifle in California should be the clue.

Featured photo via Green Dot Public Schools


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