La Belle Pizza – Flag Mural Draws Small Town Rally

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The small town of  New Paltz, New York rallied in support of an American Flag mural that La Belle Pizza planned to put on the side of their building, according to Fox news. The mural was opposed by Antifa and others who called the flag a symbol of “hatred and oppression.”

Opponents especially didn’t like that the building was across from a middle school, which would “force” the kids to look at it every day.

The “American Flag Appreciation Walk”

In response to the outcry of hate against the flag, Joey Garcia, a friend of the Pizzeria owner Maria Lisante, organized the “American Flag Appreciation Walk” on Sunday. Joey is a  corrections officer and US military veteran.

“To me the flag represents many things: freedom, compassion, strength, and pride to name a few. In my opinion, we live in the greatest country on earth. But lately our Flag seems like it’s under attack. People today speak out against our flag and country so much and want to only point out what they feel is wrong with it. I understand and respect their right to their opinions, but I feel like those of us who do not feel that way have a voice too and deserve to be heard…I asked anybody who can find any good with our flag and our country, even if we don’t agree on everything, to come together in a peaceful and positive way to express that. Everyone was welcome at this – Democrat, Republican, liberal – everyone.” Joey Garcia

The city advised Ms. Lisante to start a GoFundMe to raise money for the project. It has raised over $5000 of its $8000 goal as of Tuesday morning.

Around 500 people showed up for their flag rally. Naturally, so did Antifa goons, chanting  their worn out words. But the rally began with music, a prayer, and the playing of taps. Garcia worked hard to keep it positive,  advising the walkers to ignore the leftists.

There was the roaring of Rolling Thunder Patriot Brigade as motorcycles came through. There were chants of “USA! USA!” to drown out the leftist drivel. One person attempted to spit on a uniformed Marine Corps member who attended the rally. Numerous veterans from different branches and Police veterans were honored.

They walked downtown and returned to LaBelle Pizza for refreshments afterwards.

In spite of the name calling and leftist garbage thrown at them, the “American Flag Appreciation Walk” was a success.




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