Konstanz, Germany – Iraqi Opens Fire in Nightclub

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A 34 year old Iraqi opened fire inside a nightclub in the town of Konstanz in Southern Germany. German police say they have “ruled out” terrorism, and the suspect was “not an asylum seeker.” The suspect was killed from an exchange of gunfire with police. The bouncer of the nightclub was killed in the incident allegedly after a dispute. At least three people were seriously injured in the shooting, including one police officer.

The shooting occurred at “Grey,” a nightclub in Konstanz,  on Max-Stromeyer Strasse (street) at around 4:30 a.m. on Sunday, allegedly after an argument of a “personal nature.” According to witnesses, the gunman then began indiscriminately firing at patrons of the nightclub. He was shot by police.

Initially, police deployed commandos and helicopters as a precaution in case there was more than one shooter.

The Iraqi was reportedly the son-in-law of the Nightclub’s owner.

Terrified patrons ran and either fled the building or hid from the suspect. The club was “packed” according to German media, with hundreds of people there when the gunman began shooting.

DW reported,

“They said the man was the son-in-law of the discotheque’s owner. After an argument outside the club, he had gone home to fetch the gun and returned to the club with it before commencing the attack, they said, adding that the nature of the quarrel was not known.

It was unclear where the man had obtained the weapon, which is of a sort issued to US military forces. Police said he had some previous convictions for violence and was known to authorities as a drug offender.”

Germany has some of the most stringent gun control laws in Europe for handguns, requiring a license, training, background checks and limits on the number that can be owned. Fully automatic weapons are banned outright.

The investigation is ongoing.

Konstanz police stated in a press release  (translated):

The Iraqi suspect, who was seriously injured in the shooting exchange with the police and died in the hospital despite an emergency surgery, had been living in Konstanz for more than fifteen years.


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