Knife wielding terrorist was part of plot to behead police

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Boston, Massachusetts – Tuesday, suspect Usaama Rahim,26, was killed by police after he lunged at them with a military style knife. Later yesterday afternoon, another suspect, David Wright, was arrested in connection with the incident. The men have been under surveillance by  the Joint Terrorism Task Force for some time.


David Wright, arrested for conspiracy

David Wright was arrested in Everett, Massachusetts at his home.

The attempt to twist the facts

According to the Boston Globe, when police confronted Rahim and told him to drop the knife, he responded, “You drop yours.”

As the officers were backing away, Rahim ran towards them with the knife. A fatal choice, as he was shot and killed.

Rahim’s brother attempted to say that the police shot his brother in the back, but after community leaders watched the video  of the incident, they admitted he was not. Only one Imam said the video was “inconclusive,” but did admit he was not shot in the back.

“He was confronted by three Boston Police officers and subsequently shot in the back three times. He was on his cellphone with my dear father during the confrontation needing a witness.” Ibrahim Rahim’s older brother Facebook post

behead police

Usaama Rahim is dead after lunging at police with a knife

The plot

Police stated that Rahim had purchased an Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider knife with a 9.75 inch blade on Amazon just a few days prior to the incident. It was allegedly part of a plot to behead police officers.

Fox wrote,

Rahim, Wright and an unidentified third person met Sunday on a Rhode Island beach to discus plans, the affidavit, which was released Wednesday, said. Wright, who waived his Miranda rights, told the FBI the plans included an attack on a victim in another state, the court papers said. Hours prior to the shooting, Rahim told Wright he had changed plans and was going to “go after” the “boys in blue,” the court papers said. 

“I’m going on vacation right here in Massachusetts. I’m just going to, ah, go after them, those boys in blue,” Rahim said in the phone conversation, according to the affidavit. Authorities believe the word “vacation” stood for violent jihad in their conversations.

Wright allegedly told Rahim to make sure to wipe his computers and cell phone. Authorities have charged Wright with conspiracy. He faces up to five years in jail. The third suspect, may be a man in his 20’s named “Nick”, according to neighbors of a property in Warwick, R.I. that was searched in connection with this incident.


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