Kneeling, Burning Flags – Symptoms of a Problem Worse Than The CCP Virus

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Yesterday, two WNBA teams walked off the basketball court during the National Anthem. That’s not counting the MLB players who are kneeling during the Anthem. But who are they really hurting by kneeling or walking away? Are those who are burning the American Flag doing anything constructive to help their own causes?  They have no answers, only destruction, and some are actual Antifa terrorists. Disrespecting military veterans is only a symptom of a much more dangerous issue knocking down our door: destroying America.

The Marines and Disrespecting Military Veterans

Tyler Kistner is a US Marine veteran who is running for Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District. He is only one of many people who are disheartened by the disrespect being shown during the National Anthem or the burning of the American flag. (Daily Caller).

“As a service member myself, who stood up to defend and uphold what that flag represented for our constitution and the rights and liberties that we get in this country, it’s disheartening to see someone who has never served this country take a knee and stand against what so many of my fellow brothers and sisters, one of my friends I actually just buried this last week who was killed in Iraq, gave the ultimate sacrifice.” Tyler Kistner

He buried a friend who “gave the ultimate sacrifice.” People who have never served this country kneel against it, showing their submission to a narrative that is not correct and holds no hope for the future, only destruction. Why? Because the driving narrative is coming from, not “social justice,” but Marxist destroyers. And that is far worse than any CCP virus.

The Marxist destroyers

Last Sunday, US Marine veteran Gabriel Johnson, 48, who is Black, carried an American flag into the chaos in Portland. He listened to approximately 82 explosions near his home for weeks, so he decided to do something about it.  He lives near the Federal Courthouse. The response wasn’t a good one. But he is now awakened to at least part of the real problem. Fox wrote:

Gabriel Johnson, Screenshot via Fox News

While the Marine Corps veteran, who is Black, experienced many eye-opening events that night, there was one thing he saw that shocked him the most.

“Antifa has infiltrated Black Lives Matter,” Johnson said as he described a woman dressed in Black Lives Matter gear who showed him threatening footage of protesters following him back to his home, and letting him know they were keeping tabs on him. According to Johnson, this woman was also holding an Antifa pen and was communicating with others via walkie-talkie.

“These people have nothing to do with Black lives. Our Black community leaders need to stand up and lead because what’s happening is they’re letting a group of terrorists that don’t represent me use me, and that’s not right,” said Johnson.

Another scene that left him in utter dismay was seeing a 65-year-old Black veteran attempt to stop the burning of Johnson’s flag, only to be beaten by alleged Black Lives Matter protesters.

“He said, ‘there’s no way you’re gonna burn this flag.’ That was followed up by Black Lives Matter, Black men, running after this man, punching him in his face, grabbing the flag and throwing it over the fence,” said Johnson as he emotionally recalled the horrific incident.

Whether it’s kneeling during the anthem or burning the American flag, none of it is constructive because it’s coming from a Marxist agenda. The Marxists don’t represent the Black community, but until they realize they’re being played, this whole thing will continue.

When the New York Liberty and Seattle Storm members walked off the court on Saturday, they weren’t “protesting” police brutality or remembering Breonna Taylor, they were giving their middle finger to the countless military veterans and active duty service members who have shed their blood for this nation. If the Marxists win, no lives will matter, not even theirs.

Featured photo: Screenshot via Daily Caller


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  • Ron Wilson

    If you have never risked coming home under the flag Do Not disrespect it. As a vet I’m sick of rich athletes getting paid ridiculous amounts of money to play games disrespecting the flag . If it is so bad here leave

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