Kindergarten Bomber – 12 yr old accused of planting bombs in Christmas Market

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Ludwigshafen, Germany – A 12 year old boy was arrested for attempting a terror attack at a German Christmas Market. Twice. He’s so young that German law forbids him to be prosecuted. He is being called “The Kindergarten Bomber.”

The boy placed two nail bombs in the market, the first on November 26. It failed to go off. It is unclear why the device did not detonate.

When he placed a backpack containing the second one on December 5, one of the market patrons noticed him doing it and called the police. The 2nd bomb was placed near the town’s city hall.

The devices were made from gunpowder surrounded by nails and screws- designed for maximum damage. They were placed in a jam jar with the nails and screws glued to the sides.

UK Express reported:

A specialist explosive squad was brought in to bring about a controlled explosion.

The boy, born in the city in 2004, was seized the same day and sits in juvenile detention.

Deutsche Welle  noted:

Ludwigshafen Mayor Eva Lohse said on Thursday at a press conference that the Federal Prosecutor’s Office had issued a gagging order on further information about the case. Lohse did, however, say the 12-year-old suspect was in a safe location.

According to judicial and police sources, the boy was born in 2004 in Ludwigshafen to parents from a German-Iraqi background. The boy had been “heavily religiously radicalized”…

...the boy had been brought to social services with the understanding of his parents. Although the youth cannot be tried in court, the magazine reported that a criminal inquiry has been opened into the incidents. Prosecutor Ströber told DW that he could not provide any further details, as it might compromise an investigation being carried out by the federal prosecution office in Karlsruhe.

The boy is the youngest to be detained for terrorism in Europe. In other countries, ISIS has used little girls to carry out their attacks. It is unclear if the boy made the devices himself or if someone helped him.

Here is one of the news stories about the plot:

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