Kim Olson, Retired USAF Colonel, Democrat: “If People Loot, So What? Burn It To The Ground”

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Kim Olson, 62, is a Democrat House Candidate for Texas’ 24th District. She is a retired Air Force Colonel, and will be in a Democratic primary runoff election on July 14. But she revealed herself as not thinking straight after a viewer asked about defunding or disbanding police.

Though she started off “normal” by saying that those moves were more about redirecting the funding, she went off the rails when talking about a march in which she participated in Dallas, Texas about a week ago.

“You can’t just tackle the police, you’ve got to tackle some of the social injustice issues that are going on within our justice system.You can’t train racism out of folks…

What the hell you got snipers on the roof for in a peaceful march? Even if people loot, so what? Burn it to the ground, you know, if that’s what it’s going to take to fix our nation… I don’t think people want me to say that.” Kim Olson

For a candidate for public office, that was a ridiculously stupid statement to make. Especially since she is in a close race with another Democrat, Candace Valenzuela, who is an educator and school board trustee. Texas’ 24th District encompases much of suburbia between Fort Worth and Dallas.

Olson’s campaign manager told the Washington Examiner that the quote was “taken out of context.” Which is the standard excuse.

Why would a retired Air Force Colonel say such a thing? It may be due to her background.

The Washington Examiner wrote:

“Her military career is a highlight of her resume — she was one of the first women to attend and graduate from military flight school — but it is also a potential liability. In the early 2000s, when she was stationed in Iraq, the Pentagon accused Olson of directing contracts to a private security firm that she helped operate. While Olson denies personally profiting from the arrangement, she pleaded guilty to charges that included creating the appearance of a conflict of interest, paid a $3,500 fine, and was permitted to retire with an honorable discharge.” 

Olson was given an Article 15, and allowed to retire. Olson retired in 2005.

“I was honorably discharged. I retired a full colonel. If they wanted to, they could have docked my rank. They could have given me a dishonorable. So it wasn’t a death, but it was a wound. It was a heavy wound that I’ll live with for the rest of my life.” Kim Olson to the American Statesman

The allegations that led to her loss of career were published in an LA Times article:

“Pentagon investigators allege that while on active duty as one of the most powerful figures in Iraq, Olson established a U.S. branch of a South African security firm after helping it win more than $3 million in contracts to provide protection for senior U.S. and British officials, as well as for KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton Co.”

There are different kinds of veterans. Some are extremely liberal, others are strongly conservative. They’re all across the spectrum. But Kim Olson didn’t think her statement through very well, so if you’re a Democrat in Texas’ 24th District election, you might consider voting for the Republican Candidate in the general election in November: Irving, Texas, Mayor Beth Van Duyne.

The full video of her remarks is here:

Featured photo: Kim Olson on Twitter


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  • Bill

    Put your money where your mouth is and give your address to the looters.

  • Leonard Murdock

    Your are one stupid women. You should not be involved in government at alllll. You are a disgrace to the uniform, and I retired from the military, 23 years, O-5

    • Steven Cornelius

      Just another greedy Democrat that can’t wait to get her greedy paws on the people’s money so she can benefit. If you elect this woman you deserve what you get

  • Jacob James Mothorn

    Howdy Conservative Americans,

    I believe any credibility that Kim Olson had when she was Sworn in as an Aviator in U.S. Military was Lost when she took ‘The Plea Deal’ in her Discharge from Air Force. The Deal she got and continues to PROFIT From.
    Is truly a miscarriage of Military Justice. And, I believe because of the nefarious greed she exhibited in Iraq might just speak to her motives in seeking Public Office.

    Her election would be contributing to ‘The SWAMP’ instead of ‘Draining The Swamp’;

    Jacob James Mothorn. ?

  • William

    We shhall START with YOUR HOME DEAL

  • Linda

    Hope she is defeated in Texas .

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