Killing Saudis On The Border of Yemen – Escalation?

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It has been said many times that going up against the Saudi Royals is not wise in the Muslim world.  But when the Saudi backed Yemeni government was routed by the Iranian-backed Houthis last September, things started a downhill slide that has only gotten worse.  On Friday, two Saudi border guards were killed, and later, a Saudi Brigadier General died of wounds received from the conflict with Yemen. It brings the total Saudis killed in the conflict to 100.

border of Yemen

Saudi Soldiers at the border of Yemen

According to Reuters,

A district commander and a sergeant in Saudi Arabia’s border guard were killed in an attack launched from across the frontier with Yemen on Friday, the Saudi interior ministry said.

The men were killed by heavy gunfire from the Yemen side of the border after their patrol vehicle was hit by a mine explosion, the ministry said.


Ibrahim Omar Ibrahim Hamzi, deputy commander of the 8th brigade in Saudi Arabia’s southern Jizan province, died of his wounds while “defending the border.” That happened after the two Saudi border guards were killed.

The Yemeni government  (what’s left of it) has demanded that the Houthis make peace and “lay down their arms.” Since that is highly unlikely, the conflict will only grow. And Saudi Arabia has been cooperating with coalition forces to pound Yemen with airstrikes.

Townhall wrote,

An Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia has been pounding the Houthis from the air for six months, trying to eject the group from the capital Sanaa and restore President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi to power.

About 100 Saudi military personnel, including another general, have been killed along the border with Yemen since the Saudi-led campaign began in March…

Why does anyone care about Yemen?

The constant airstrikes have left Yemen in shambles. But it’s not just the Houthis versus Saudi Arabia – AQAP (Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) is considered one of the most dangerous jihadists groups in the region, not to mention a growing ISIS presence. The attacks that can be launched from Yemen are devastating, and are worrisome to all governments, including Western interests.

So there you have it – the escalation of the conflict in Yemen will only make it worse everywhere else.



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