Kiefer, Oklahoma – Homecoming Parade Float Spurs Protests

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In Kiefer, Oklahoma, the Junior class decided they wanted a patriotic float for Homecoming on Sept 18. But it turned out to be a magnet for controversy, as they chose a Trump theme. The flost was named “Trump the Cougars.” In the ensuing meltdown, now people are supposedly going to the Kiefer City Council meeting on October 5 to complain.

The following note was written by the Kiefer High School principal, Cory Campbell, but then taken down for an unknown reason:

“On behalf of Kiefer Public Schools,I would like to make a statement in regards to the Homecoming Float this past week. As High School principal I take full responsibility along with our Junior Class sponsors for the message the float represented. It was the Junior class’s intent to have a patriotic float for the parade, not to offend anyone’s political views or beliefs. The float was not intended as a platform for a political view, but rather as a theme for our football game to “Trump the Cougars.” The costume on the reporter was added after the parade began and was not approved. We sincerely apologize for this incident.”
Cory Campbell, Principal

Rumors Rampant

The Lost Ogle reported:

According to an Ogle Mole, outrage over the float, and the subsequent outrage over the outrage over the float, have been stirring in online Facebook pages, groups and other echo chambers. People are threatening to go to school board meetings to complain, and people are threatening to go to school board meetings to complain that people are complaining. Hopefully, before all that happens, cooler heads prevail, and they all remember this stir up is over a stupid high school homecoming float that doesn’t matter.

More rumors: The following post was sent to Rick Ferran, so if you can find this on FB, please send me a note. We have been unable to find it.

  • “Apparently Kiefer students held a homecoming parade and mocked Hillary and Trump.
  • Intel Sources from Kiefer PD said that the BLM has indicated they will protest on Monday.
  • Police Chief Johnny O’Mara says it will be at City Hall during city council meeting.
  • Protest supposed to start at 4:30.
  • Council meeting starts at 5 p.m. It is a special meeting regarding the floats.
  • Apparently the floats were made by students and pulled in the homecoming parade.
  • They are expecting 300 BLM members.”

Our own Rick Ferran (Tank) plans to go to Kiefer, OK. The Kiefer police Department has only 4 paid officers and 10 reserve ones. If 300 BLM protesters do happen to show up, it would greatly outnumber them. The Glenpool PD also is aware and may be available to respond if necessary.

The real question is, why would BLM protest a float that has nothing to do with their narrative? October 5 does also happen to be the day that a BLM mural is being removed from a street in nearby Tulsa. Kiefer and Greenpool are both smaller suburbs of Tulsa.

Featured photo: photos of Kiefer Homecoming parade via The Lost Ogle


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  • Ted

    Stop caving in to these terrorist groups!! Tell every man and woman to exercise their 2nd amendment rights and show up to run these thugs out of town or put ’em in the dirt. Their choice.

  • Andrea

    PD could not substantiate any of the claims that BLM would be at the city counsel meeting. It’s Glenpool not Greenpool.

  • Joy

    The patriots turned out by the hundreds to show their support for these high school students. American flags, Trump flags, and Trump signs lined the street. Automobiles and motorcycles proudly waved American flags. Businesses all displayed American flags. Just a few people dressed in black were spotted. There was no trouble, but there was a tremendous amount of love and support for our country and president.

  • steven

    I love to see young people supporting our President!

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